About Densitas

Densitas® develops solutions for digital mammography aimed at improving clinical outcomes, quality, and appropriateness of care through tailored patient and process management with increased cost-effectiveness, efficiency and accuracy for improved service delivery and patient outcomes.

Densitas ® offers advanced AI solutions that deliver fully automated on-demand actionable insights for radiologists and radiological technologists at point-of-care, and advanced analytics for diagnostic imaging managers, QC technologists and health system administrators through an embedded analytics platform. The densitasai™ platform, comprising densitas® qualityai™, densitas® densityai™ and densitas® riskai™, tackles the most pressing challenges facing breast cancer screening today. densitasai™ is purposefully designed within a value-based care framework, providing a comprehensive platform focussed on precision breast health, clinical image quality, workflow efficiencies, compliance with national standards, adherence to accreditation requirements, and automated reporting and auditing capabilities

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