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All The Difficult Things

May 27, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm ADT


They interrupt. They won’t join in. The monologuer is doing it again. Something feels tense. There’s a power struggle. Oh, no…not this again… We’ll never get through the agenda at this rate.

And it goes on from there. We’re sure you can relate.

Gatherings of people are complex because people are complex, and when we get together in groups, the complexity of our relationships, personalities and agendas is laid out bare for all to see (except, usually, ourselves).

Add technology, a bit of uncertainty, and a dash of emotion, and YIKES, we are off to the races!

The good news is, the typical struggles you experience when leading or facilitating a group are totally normal, and utterly commonplace.

What’s more, there is a pattern in the chaos of all the difficult things that often happen in meetings. Which means there’s lots of simple adaptations we can make to bounce back, soothe the nerves, and get things back on track to keep everyone rolling. Come join us for a lifting of the hood where we’ll take a good, clear look at the common difficulties meeting facilitators are always juggling, and how best to manage yourself so you can manage all of it with grace.

Join us for a 90-min live, interactive, zoom-based clinic that will:

Share practical insights and advice for responding to common difficulties.

Offer a simple framework that puts all the challenges in context – and in relationship to your role as the facilitator.

Suggest principles for how you can better respond to anything that is challenging for you.

Divulge our single best way to bounce back from (almost) all mishaps.

Our team of sincere, well-seasoned, wise, and appropriately-rascally facilitative leaders will share what we’ve learned over decades of wrangling the most unruly, uncooperative, and unpleasant groups. Just kidding! …Not really! But seriously — we’ll share our most illustrative facilitation failures, take a big picture look at the landscape of facilitator challenges, and illuminate the way we work with ourselves and the group to flip a challenge into a source of greater energy, connection, and engagement.


Nova Scotia Canada