Junior Security DevOps Engineer

The Junior Security DevOps Engineer will wear many hats, which can be demanding, but also provides excellent opportunities for learning a broad range of technologies.

The primary duties of this role include:

  • Perform security analysis for businesses in the JF&P portfolio and assist with IT operations work for MDR/SIEM/IVM/AppSec/Pentest and portfolio initiatives
  • Analyze software vulnerabilities to determine how they might impact risk
  • Develop methods of automation for vulnerability analysis and remediation plans
  • Assist our businesses with MDR/IVM/AppSec/Pentest analysis and remediation plan tasks to close out issues based on priority
  • Perform AWS DevOps work for Linux/container/security, CI Pipeline support, Database (SQL, RDS, DBs, etc.) configuration, support, backup, and recovery
  • DBA related tasks for business units including writing SQL queries for data changes, data imports, backup and restores (e.g. MySQL / MS SQL Server / Oracle / RDS).
  • Investigate potential software vulnerabilities and responsibly disclose to BUs through a structured process
  • Support the CSG team by working the CSG Ticketing Queue and developing technical content
  • Perform a wide variety of other technical tasks including security infrastructure improvements, systems patching, product testing, product documentation, and customer support
  • Install Windows Updates as needed on VMs (off-hours for some servers)
  • Install latest updates on Centos as needed
  • Monitor disk status on servers including checks for automated processes checking space.
    e.g., Monitors Disk Space on servers, monitor when a drive goes out in a raid array and make sure someone at CI replaces, monitors NAS raid arrays and NAS security.
  • Manage DB and VM Backups – using our Retention policy


Business Unit: Coalition Security

Scheduled Weekly Hours:

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