Rockstar Chief of Staff – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry

Rockstar Chief of Staff

Dear Future Colleague,

We are seeking a Rockstar Chief of Staff to join our team.


Our Chief of Staff is a true “right hand” to Safi CEO Eleanor Beaton. You will be working closely
with her to maximize her effectiveness as a leader, maintain day to day operations of the
organization, implement complex projects, and ensure the company runs smoothly.
Your work will be dynamic and fast-paced. Your duties and responsibilities will include:

  •  Managing schedules, email, business trips, budgets and expenses
  • Working with the CEO to prioritize business strategies and growth opportunities
  • Provide recommendations to senior leadership on improvements
  • Research opportunities, gaps, risks and present to leaders
  • Plan all aspects of large meetings and events
  • Provide project and program management related to our year-long Incubator program

You will support in managing day-to-day operations at SafiMedia, solving problems around the
office, making recommendations to grow the company, train new staff members etc.

You will need the following:

  • A great sense of humour☺
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills for collaborating with colleagues,
    stakeholders and clients
  • Leadership skills for creating strategies, leading meetings, challenging the status quo and
    planning new opportunities
  • Organization and planning skills crucial for multi-tasking while prioritizing and executing
  • Strong problem-solving skills to work with clients, vendors, staff and other stakeholders


You are a creative, pragmatic, high functioning individual. You are a beast at cutting through
complexity. You are humble – you have ZERO ISSUES rolling up your sleeves and digging into
basic administrative tasks and doing the grunt work needed to truly support a dynamic CEO. But
you also have the confidence, assertiveness, skills and experience required to drive projects

You have strong leadership skills, and you work best behind the scenes – identifying and solving
problems, handling issues, keeping people and processes running smoothly.
You are extremely tech savvy and can thrive in a remote work environment. You care deeply
about people and customer experience.

You are deeply grounded and drama-free. You are looking to bring your skills to a growing,
mission-based organization and provided it’s a fit – work with us for a minimum of 2 years. This
is a full-time role and we do not permit side hustles.


You’ll be joining Team Safi. We are a team of 8 full time team members who have a collective
mission of doubling the number of women entrepreneurs who reach 7 figures by 2030 through
education, storytelling and business coaching. We are setting the standard for our market:
business coaching for female founders. We believe women entrepreneurs are KEY to advancing
global gender equity.

I have said it before and will say it again: I would personally take a bullet through my right
forearm for anyone on Team Safi. If this feels too intense for you know that a) I’m left handed
and b) my colleagues are exceptional humans c) we love metaphors, analogies and evocative

You will be stepping into a beautifully designed, high vibe container where we’ll provide you

  • Extraordinary colleagues who will stimulate you intellectually and creatively and be a true
    joy to work with.
  • The supreme peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are building a company
    with SOUL. Our well designed, proven group coaching programs support clients to
    significantly grow their sales to the tune of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands
    and even millions, while cutting working time. (Example: in a recent sample survey of our
    clients, the AVERAGE revenue growth within 12 months of joining The Incubator was
    234%.) Our clients include globally recognized thought leaders, and professionals who
    have earned high recognition in their respective fields. They value freedom and impact
    as much as they value money.
  • A competitive salary and plenty of time off so you can do meaningful work AND have
    open time to think, dream, and play.
  • The ability to use your extraordinary talents to advance world-class programming that
    shapes culture and advances gender equity globally.
  • And so much more.


If this job description speaks to you, then we strongly encourage you to apply by midnight on
Sunday, May 15th
, 2022.
Please click this link to submit your application.
Eleanor “Future Colleague” Beaton