Performance Data Analyst

Bluedrop Training & Simulation in Halifax, NS

  • Research and propose techniques for measuring individual and collective training and performance in the Aerospace and Defence sectors
  • Interview Bluedrop customers and partners to document performance and training data collection and analytics requirements
  • Develop training and performance data collection artifacts (e.g., surveys; evaluations; checklists)
  • Travel to customer sites to plan, coordinate and/or oversee data capture during simulator exercises and/or live exercises
  • Ensure data is collected and managed according to relevant research ethics guidelines and standards
  • Identify appropriate statistical techniques for analysing collected data
  • Perform statistical or data analysis, using various tools, to identify patterns or statistically significant correlations
  • Identify the statistical methods for the software development team to implement in Bluedrop’s IMPACTS software
  • Collaborate with software development team to design instructor interfaces for training metrics and feedback
  • Collaborate with the Bluedrop IMPACTS product development team
  • If candidate has the expertise, evaluate, and propose deep learning and machine learning algorithms for data analysis


  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical field is preferred, such as data analytics, statistics, mathematics
  • Previous experience in training development and/or performance/training evaluation, is a definite asset
  • Previous experience designing and executing training/performance evaluations, surveys, and analytics
  • Excellent knowledge and experience with a statistical software package (e.g., MATLAB, SPSS)
  • Previous military experience is a definite asset
  • Software development experience an asset, particularly in areas of statistics and/or deep learning
  • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills: troubleshooting; root cause analysis; find solutions
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Attention to detail, keeping to timelines and expectations
  • Ability to work collaboratively and cross functionally
  • Comfortable travelling to customer sites in both a data capture/analysis and a customer-facing role
  • Must be able to obtain a Government of Canada security clearance.

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About Bluedrop Performance Learning

Bluedrop provides unique SaaS-based workforce development solutions to help government and corporate customers improve employment outcomes and keep workers safe. By understanding the complex operating environments of its target markets, BLN’s solutions are able to address multiple stakeholders.  These solutions help workers to manage mandatory certifications, apprentices to track new skills at work, the unemployed to get jobs, the underemployed to advance, dreamers to start businesses, and local businesses to grow.  Typical customers include workforce investment boards, apprenticeship authorities, government agencies, NGOs and workers’ compensation boards.