Deadline to Apply: Friday, April 9th, 2021

Title: Northern Regional Manager

Reports To: CEO

Location: Northern IGNITE site based in New Glasgow

Staffing Responsibilities: Program Coordinator, Co-Op students, future Northern staff.

Summary of Role:

The regional manager is responsible for the development, management, administration, and maintenance of IGNITE in the Northern Region. This region in Nova Scotia is loosely defined as being north of Musquodoboit Harbour, Truro, and Amherst and south of Port Hawkesbury.

Friday, April 9th, 2021


IGNITE is a rural innovation hub with a collaborative environment for entrepreneurs to access technology and infrastructure to develop innovative ideas, solutions, and businesses. IGNITE provides a new vision for how innovation and entrepreneurship can rejuvenate the entrepreneurial spirit and growth of existing and future businesses in rural Nova Scotia.


We encourage everyone to explore how they can make change possible in a rural community. By engaging youth, communities, startups, and industry to find solutions for challenges being faced in the region, IGNITE is creating a local culture of innovation.

In collaboration with ecosystem partners, we facilitate learning the fundamentals of starting a business through our AMPLIFY cohort, using technology to grow your business through events and training, and where to access resources to help transition and scale your business within the industry.

Key Skills

  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to build strong networking relationships
  • Able to work collaboratively with a dynamic distributed team
  • Strong technology skills
  • Experience in report and proposal writing
  • Self-motivated with strong organizational skills
  • Previous management experience is an asset
  • Previous experience working with entrepreneurs and startups is an asset
  • Entrepreneurial experience is an asset
  • Experience or working knowledge in the following applications;
    • Asana
    • WordPress
    • G-Suite
    • Microsoft Office
    • Survey Monkey
    • Eventbrite
    • Mailchimp
    • Social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc)

Key Functions 

  • Manage IGNITE in the northern region including staffing, administration, resource allocation, stakeholder engagement, partner networking, funding exploration, project implementation, etc.
  • Develop a stronger IGNITE brand in the northern region through stronger partnerships, cooperation and community outreach
  • Develop and deliver new opportunities through projects with partner organizations
  • Support IGNITE tenant companies and create a local culture of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Work with the CEO, and other team members, to lead in the development and implementation of plans and processes

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage co-op student program for IGNITE
  • Build and maintain relationships with funders, partner organizations, businesses, and the community
  • Explore new funding opportunities
  • Develop new relationships with potential tenants to refer to the accelerator program (AMPLIFY)
  • Act as the immediate contact person for IGNITE Northern tenants and coordinate efforts with the Start Up Success Manager
  • Maintain strong communication with IGNITE team and IGNITE tenants
  • Work with Site Manager in the Southern region to find new programming opportunities and  to create cohesive events between locations
  • Manage team members in their roles at IGNITE Northern and ensure that quality of work is  being prioritized and we are aligned with the vision and mission
  • Support the Youth Program Coordinator as they manage projects and programs
  • Attribute to the daily website development and/or updates on news, projects, etc in coordination with the Marketing Coordinator
  • Write press releases and coordinate associated releases with social media team members – Create video content of the IGNITE Northern space for social media, the website, and other platforms
  • Continue development of  IGNITE Northern space and engage with the associated stakeholders
  • Collaborate on day-to-day operations of IGNITE Northern space with the Youth Program Coordinator

About Ignite Labs

Ignite is Nova Scotia’s rural innovation hub where entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses work together. By providing structure, mentorship, and opportunities for startups to operate, grow, and create, Ignite is encouraging everyone to explore entrepreneurship as a career path without restrictions.

Ignite encourages the growth of entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia across industries, including technology sectors, oceans sectors, and tourism sectors. By engaging youth, communities, and businesses to find solutions for challenges being faced in the region, Ignite is creating a culture of entrepreneurship in rural Nova Scotia.