Position Description: As our Digital Marketer, you will work with our Marketing and Sales teams to foster and grow our online presence using a variety of mediums, channels, and content. You will help to promote existing products and services while also working towards launching new ones.

Roles and Responsibilities: As our Digital Marketer, your goal is to help our team generate qualified sales leads and build brand awareness across our industry verticals.

Skillsets and qualities that are considered an asset for this job are:

  • Experience in building and maintaining websites
  • Understanding of all social media platforms and emerging social media services
  • Knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Takes ownership and leads a variety of marketing campaigns
  • Assist in online display ads (written and design)
  • Work on content creation and management
  • Skills in video creation and editing
  • Basic tech knowledge
  • Project management skills
  • Self-motivated; can work in a group or independently
  • Demonstrates attention to detail and creativity
  • Exhibits problem solving skills
  • Able to work remotely or in an office environment
  • Keen and driven to identify, communicate and adapt to market changes
  • New graduate with a University Degree or College Diploma

Please forward your cover letter and resume to jobs@solutioninc.com 

About SolutionInc

SolutionInc Managed Internet Gateway Platform enables establishments to provide a fully customizable public Wi-Fi access solution. Our flexible and scalable business models can be applied to meet any corporate branding requirements. Our secure platform features full PMS integration, limitless users, detailed system monitoring and reporting dashboards, advanced authentication and payment methods, and comprehensive business intelligence.