Wattpad is a global multiplatform entertainment company whose vision is to entertain and connect the world through stories. Since 2006, we’ve been on a mission to use the power of community and technology to unleash the full potential of stories to the world. Every month 90 million people around the world spend over 23 billion minutes on Wattpad to share and discover stories they can’t find anywhere else. Our brand banner includes Wattpad, Wattpad Labs, Wattpad WEBTOON Studios, Wattpad Books and Wattpad Brand Partnerships. We’re proudly based in Toronto, but our reach is global. Come build the future of entertainment and storytelling, and write your next chapter with us!

At Wattpad, we have a massive scale and reach across our global users; this is what makes us unique. It’s been an exciting time of growth, change and development for Wattpad. Wattpad has a large and unique dataset – our goal of entertaining the world through stories means that we have not just a large corpus of stories, but also the comments, engagements and conversations that our users and writers have had in the telling of popular fiction like ‘After’, ‘The Kissing Booth’ and ‘I am a Gay Wizard” and many others. Our data scientists and researchers build models that allow our business to understand and grow our users’ experiences, and that help our writers to tell more compelling and engaging stories. Our StoryDNA team is focused on exactly this problem and we are looking for a strong, platform engineer with a machine learning bent, who can help us to enhance our existing machine learning pipelines, and to create new ones. Are you that engineer? Are you excited by large-scale platform challenges, particularly those associated with natural language processing? Do you envision a world beyond search and simple question and answer systems? If so, Wattpad and StoryDNA may be the place for you.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Creating a seamless experience for our data scientists – you’ll be working with our data scientists and data engineers to understand the models that they are working on. You’ll take these models and build the corresponding ML services, microservices, datasets, and pipelines to deliver these experiences to our users
  • Build to last – working with the platform and infrastructure teams you and our other ML engineers work to incorporate your learnings from deploying these models into our platforms, our tooling, and our infrastructure. Our ML engineers are building one of the world’s largest user-generated AI platforms – we want you to do it right, and to do it at scale.
  • End-to-end construction – in short, you’ll be working with our data science and applied research teams to frame problems, architect the solutions, design the data and processing pipelines, and automate all of them as much as you can. Each model is different, so expect a changing, challenging landscape.

Who you are (and who you want to be):

  • You have 3+ years experience building full-stack ML systems. You’ve got experience supporting these systems in the development lifecycle and in production.
  • You are interested in working with (or have worked with) You’ve not intimidated by complex back-ends (a mix of monoliths and microservices) or infrastructure (Kubernetes, Spark, EMR, and hybrid hosting)
  • You have a passion for, and a solid understanding of, data engineeringbestpractices, and you’re looking to learn how to break some of the rules
  • You understand ’ve cut your teeth on basic software engineering principles, you’ve got the fundamentals down cold, and you’re looking for an opportunity to use them in the ML / AI / NLP space.
  • If you’ve got an advanced degree like a Master’s or a PhD that’s a plus, but by no means a constraint
  • You’re proficient with cloud technologies, primarily in the AWS stack. You understand how they relate to Data Science and Machine learning in the large (e.g. EMR, ECR, EKS would be a plus)
  • You’re proficient in python, SQL, and *nix environments. If you’ve worked with Go, PHP, Hack or other backend languages that would be a plus.
  • You’ve been working with cloud services or a related industry for 3+ years, you are able to wrangle microservices, integrate with internal and external APIs. Having experience with AWS architectural patterns, particularly for Data Lakes and Data Services would be a plus.
  • Ideally, you’re familiar with a few different ML and Deep Learning toolkits; we use Tensorflow Serving, but experience with PyTorch, MLFlow, Sagemaker, Kubeflow, MLflow, DataBricks would help you succeed quicker. Regardless of your experience, you are able to articulate the strengths and weaknesses of these solutions and to reason with compromises required for systems at scale.

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Career development; we believe in mentorship and supporting you to achieve your goals
  • Health benefits, fully covered on us!
  • RRSP Contributions
  • Generous vacation and Parental Leave Top-up
  • $200/month Transit and Home Office Allowance, flexible hours, hybrid office and remote work options
  • Corporate discount for a gym membership for you and your family
  • Downtown Halifax, NS location, with easy access to transit
  • Summer Fridays with afternoons off!
  • And a whole lot more!

About Wattpad

Wattpad. Where Stories Live.

Wattpad’s vision is to entertain and connect the world through stories. The global multi-platform entertainment company uses the power of community and technology to enable the creation and distribution of content across a variety of formats. Its flagship app, Wattpad, is home to a community of more than 90 million people who spend over 23 billion minutes a month engaged in original stories. Tap by Wattpad, the company’s second storytelling product, offers short, chat-based stories in over a dozen languages. Wattpad Studios co-produces stories for film, television, digital and print, together with industry partners. Wattpad Brand Partnerships offers a full suite of advertising products to help brands build deep engagement with Gen Z consumers.