Katelyn Bourgoin – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry

About Katelyn Bourgoin

Katelyn Bourgoin is a 3X founder turned growth geek. Named as an influential entrepreneur by Forbes in 2016, Katelyn’s past clients include tech startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies like Target and Holiday Inn.

Today Katelyn helps frustrated product teams figure out who their best customers are and what triggers them to buy (or stop buying). Her unique customer research methods are used by many of the world’s most innovation and fastest growing companies like, Amazon, Netflix, IKEA and Intercom. When companies know who their best customers are and what those customers *really* want, it becomes much easier to create awesome products and sell more of them. The result? More happy customers and more money in the bank.

Katelyn has a healthy obsession with research and customer-driven growth (and an unhealthy obsession with cheese).