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About PH Farmer Consulting Ltd.

PH Farmer Consulting Ltd. is a Nova Scotian business providing professional taxation and management accounting services.

Our primary focus is helping firms, conducting R&D activities, to access financial support through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Credit Program to reduce their net R&D costs.

Many firms, in a variety of industries, either fail to claim, or under-claim, their entitlements. Our goal is to assist these firms in maximizing their potential to claim and receive this funding support. Depending on the type of company and nature of the expense, the tax credits received can be as high as 69% of the eligible expense.

Since 2002, we have been assisting companies, in a variety of industries, access millions of dollars in funding support.
The Founder, Paul Farmer CPA, CMA, MTEI, has over 25 years experience with the SR&ED program, including 5 years working at CRA reviewing claims. The experience gained from working “on both sides of the fence” has provided Paul with unique experience, expertise and insight into the legislative and administrative aspects of the SR&ED program.

We typically employ a “cradle to grave” approach:
– Conducting meetings to identify potentially eligible projects and related net expenditures (claimed on a Fiscal year basis)
– Gathering additional details and preparing initial drafts of the required project descriptions for review/revision by the client
– Gathering, classifying and inputting the related financial details (and project descriptions) on the client’s T2 Corporate tax return
– Attending any claim review meetings and assisting in the preparation of additional information to support the SR&ED claim

Our goal is to make SR&ED claim preparation, support and approval as efficient and effective as possible, minimizing the time and effort required from your staff, while maximizing the financial benefits.

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