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Bloggity: Be profitable, while doing good – that’s Mike’s goal

Mike Morrison, founder of Bloggity, is a host, speaker, writer, influencer, podcaster, moderator, and community builder. Originally from New Brunswick, he moved to Alberta in 2005, and not knowing many people there, he decided to start a blog called Mike’s Bloggity Blog. It’s been a rollercoaster – one that took him around the world and left him with the most incredible, lasting memories.

A TV producer for four years, newspaper columnist for six, Mike eventually started a series of conferences on digital marketing in Calgary (SocialWest) and in Halifax (SocialEast). During the middle of the pandemic, he and his partner decided to move back to Atlantic Canada, to Halifax, to be closer to family – and because (no surprise) they loved the east coast!

I’ve been working for myself since 2013 and I’ve absolutely loved it. I never really fit the 9 to 5pm world, so I’m super happy. I think for anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, one of the things you have to do is quickly figure out what you’re not good at and have someone do it for you. Don’t get bogged down learning things that don’t make you better at your skills. That’s why my accountant is one of my biggest expenses. I also have a podcast where I talk to entrepreneurs about the lessons they learned when they quit their jobs, it’s called I Quit.

– Mike Morrison

Bloggity tries to work with as many different types of organizations as possible. That is the great thing about digital marketing. Everyone needs it, but not everyone uses it the same. Their goal is to bring people together, so we can all learn from each other. You’ll never find a VIP ticket at their events, as the best way to learn and grow is together.

SocialWest, SocialEast, SocialAtHome and SocialNext all grew because of the demand. After the success of SocialWest in Calgary, Mike knew he immediately wanted to bring an event to Halifax. Growing up in Atlantic Canada, he knew how often big events were missed here, and wanted to change that and bring amazing speakers with him. Mike discovered that the elements of a strong presentation revolve around the best kind of speakers, ones who know that it’s not the time to do a commercial. People already paid to attend, they don’t need to be advertised to – they’re there to learn.

Being able to adapt and accommodate during the pandemic helped fuel success for Bloggity – they went virtual to serve more Canadians, and despite not being something he’d ever truly considered before, he’s been having a ton of fun with them. When things return to “normal”, he plans to work to find the balance of in-person and virtual.

Being new to Halifax, Mike is eager to meet with new people to connect and learn more about this city. If you are reading this and want to get in touch, we highly recommend you do!

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