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Call For Support – Refresh Annapolis Valley

Refresh Annapolis Valley is embarking upon an ambitious campaign this month to fundraise $15K to enlarge the work we do in the community. I asked one of our Refresh youth, Alex Petkov – grade 10, to run communications for the campaign. This is what Alex has to say about why you should invest in Refresh.

~ Mike Caplan

Refresh Annapolis Valley is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization offering workshops, events, and competitions aimed at exposing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) concepts, especially Computer Science, targeted towards K-12 youth and beyond. The workshops we provide are hosted at Acadia University at the Rural Innovation Centre. Each month’s workshops allows you to get your hands onto awesome technology such as virtual reality, 3D printers, and electronics/circuitry, as well as teaches you valuable STEAM skills like design, coding, and entrepreneurship.

Some of the workshops we have hosted in the past include…

  • Google Cardboard virtual reality
  • Video game development
  • Animation
  • App development
  • Business ideation and entrepreneurship
  • Intros to AI and machine learning
  • Introducing programming languages like JavaScript, Scratch, Processing, and Go

If the workshops we’ve listed seem awesome to you, or you know someone who would be interested, spread the word about Refresh and help us reach our goal of fundraising $15,000 so we can continue to empower our community with STEAM programming. If you help fuel our ambitions for 2019, these are some of larger events we’ll be able to host in the near future…

  • Creative Computing Course (intensive intro to computational thinking for kids 8 to 11). We will offer two free seasons of this course. One for girls, and another mixed.
  • Computer science camp for girls. BUILD is a week long computer science camp that we will host at Acadia. We will be running the camp free, and it will be overnight.
  • Creative Computing Camp is a free week long computer science camp for kids 8 to 11.
  • #ScratchFest is a free Computer Science build-a-thon competition for kids 8 to 17.

If you’re interested in supporting the work Refresh does in our community, please consider making a donation today.