Canada@WebSummit2021 – Connect with global opportunities

Are you an innovative Canadian tech company looking for international partnership and funding opportunities? Are you planning to attend, either virtually or in person, Web Summit, one of the largest global tech conferences? If so, see below what the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) and partners have been preparing
for you!

The TCS, along with provincial, municipal and private partners, will be offering 2 virtual B2B sessions, on October 26-27, ahead of Web Summit 2021. Leveraging the TCS global network and contacts in the tech sector, we are looking to connect the selected Canadian business and start- up communities with international Tech Buyers/Venture Capitalists/Investors from Europe and beyond, helping optimize your participation at Web Summit 2021.

Web Summit 2021 

An important global venue where all levels and sectors of the global tech community, from start- ups to established multinationals, gather to network, learn, partner and invest in new technologies, Web Summit will be held in Lisbon from November 1-4, 2021, as a hybrid event. For those Canadians interested in participating and in the lead up to Collision 2022 in Toronto, see the Web Summit Canada page for more info.

Please note that a Government of Canada Global Travel Advisory remains in effect, advising Canadians to avoid all *non-essential* travel outside of the country.  If you must travel, please check the risk levels specific to your destination and plan your travel accordingly. It is recommended that all eligible travellers complete a COVID-19 vaccine series in Canada before travelling. Web Summit’s Safety Guidelines and Visit Portugal provide information on the latest measures in place in Portugal.

Virtual B2B Sessions | October 26-27 

In the context of Web Summit 2021, the Trade Commissioner Service, along with provincial, municipal and private partners, will offer 2 virtual B2B sessions, on October 26-27. This event will take place via an online platform, giving Canadian participants an opportunity to connect with international Tech Buyers/Venture Capitalists/Investors in advance of the event, helping optimize their participation at Web Summit 2021.

Note that participants do not need to buy a ticket to Web Summit 2021 to apply for meetings and participate in the B2B sessions. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to connect through the virtual platform with Trade Commissioners (TCs) from Europe and beyond (the list of TCs and their markets will be available in the platform).

About the B2B Sessions application process: 

  1. This invitation is for Canadian companies only.
  2. Participation is limited. We will be asking you a few questions in order to optimize the B2B matchmaking process.
  3. While we suggest virtual meetings take place October 26-27, be prepared to be contacted at any time! Foreign delegates may request meetings before or after October 26- 27.

If interested in participating in the virtual B2B, please fill in this form. We ask you to please provide accurate information, as incomplete or inappropriately completed applications will be disqualified.

If you have any questions please contact the TCS Regional Office or the Web Summit team in Lisbon.