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Data is the New Oil with Arcurve

Founded in 2006, Arcurve is a full-service technology, advisory and software development company. Focusing on delivering services differently than their competitors, Arcurve’s goal is to help their clients realize their business objectives by delivering professional technology services through strategic advice, consulting services, or full-stack software development. They work on a project basis, meaning they can drive to champion your business on a personal level through exceptional execution and delivery by top-tier talent and collaboration at all levels.

With offices in Calgary, Halifax, Houston, and Vancouver, and more than 170 employees, Arcurve’s recent expansion to Halifax last year has their team excited to grow and enhance the way they do projects and add to their team of talented, dynamic individuals. Engaging the highly educated workforce in Nova Scotia, and support an increasing number of clients is primarily what prompted their decision to have an East Coast presence.

At Arcurve we structure projects based on the skill sets of the team members so you’re always working with different people based on the needs of the project. Our team members get to meet a variety of people and everybody gets to know each other which creates a unique team culture that is focused on having fun and executing the best quality work for our clients

– Andrew Varsanyi, Director of Business Development at Arcurve

Expanding Beyond Gas & Oil

Arcurve was established by four software professionals in Calgary who wanted to steer away from the corporate structure most consultancies use. The company was designed to have three key guiding principles: a belief in the potential of technology and software, exceptional execution and delivery for clients by top tier talent, and collaboration at all levels. Originally started as an oil and gas software company, Arcurve has grown to support multiple industries such as telecommunications, gaming, infrastructure, software, finance, transportation and hospitality. “Being located in the province of oil and gas isn’t all bad, it is creating these educated groups that have founded all of the up and coming, interesting tech companies,” says Andrew.

In December of 2020, Arcurve acquired cutting edge AI and Data Analytics firm Menome to move oil and gas more into the tech space. Specializing in delivering breakthrough data consolidation and analysis, the combination of Menome’s sophisticated AI and Data analytics technology with Arcurve’s professional approach to the delivery of advisory services, software development and project management solutions will enable the rapid deployment and adoption of AI to an expanding range of clients in North America and around the world. “The addition of Menome and its talented staff helps Arcurve significantly expand the level of data and analytics services that we can offer our clients”,  states Jay Gohill, President of Arcurve “We’re merging our extensive experience with an in-demand technology offering, giving us the ability to extend our capability as a leading technology services provider”, adds Mike Bauer, Chief Technology Officer of Arcurve.

Supporting the Local Community

An integral part of Arcurve’s workplace culture is community. For instance, Arcurve raised more than 1.5 million for the YYC Food Bank during the December YYC Tech Gives charity event. Their focus is to engage their team and the public with tech companies, including their competitors. As difficult as it is to get people to volunteer during COVID, Arcuve is actively working towards collaboration and is proud to have a diverse team of professionals who take helping the community seriously.

Arcurve is not just a software company that builds because they think it’s ‘cool’, they are a business-focused company that’s main goal is to solve complex problems for their clients. “With most contracted companies any opportunity to jack up billable hours is taken – not at Arcurve. If we don’t need to do it for the customer to get what they’re looking for, we’re going to tell them they don’t need to do it,” says Andrew, “This is what differentiates us from anybody that does what we do.”

Arcurve’s Halifax team is hiring! View their available opportunities on their website here

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