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Decades of Data: Dunvegan Loyalty Builders Inc.

Have you ever had to make a large decision without all the information you needed? Dunvegan Loyalty Builders Inc. works hard to help you avoid those moments.

Data surrounds us, and many organizations have decades of data at their fingertips but don’t know where to start when it comes to using it for their business.

Managing and maintaining accurate and up-to date reports are critical to the success of an organization, and that’s where the Dunvegan Loyalty Builders team steps in. Through training and consulting, they’re empowering organizations to make informed decisions by helping them interpret the data they’ve had trouble accessing. When it comes to data, it has to be transparent, so the team works with clients to consult and train in real time, with their data, by their staff, on site – allowing clients to understand and manage their own data.

Working with small-medium sized enterprises, Dunvegan Loyalty Builders found many clients using slow and expensive reporting systems that didn’t offer customized data reports. In a world surrounded by data, having the data isn’t enough – organizations need to know how to use it to help their business grow and adapt.

“Data-information-knowledge-wisdom” is an often-repeated phrase at Dunvegan. All businesses have data which is then organized into information. Many small-medium businesses stop there; it is too expensive to find patterns within the data, or it just takes too long, and any knowledge found is “old news”. Leveraging Microsoft BI products, the Dunvegan team leverage low-cost platforms and tools to produce affordable and actionable interactive reports for their clients. With Dunvegan’s latest technology, electronic data can be sorted in seconds and is available to slice-and-dice to look for those significant nuggets of insight gold. Thanks to the speed and readily available information, management can spend time building their plans based on the knowledge and wisdom derived from data analytics.

Curious about what a Dunvegan Interactive Report would look like? It’s a little hard to share on a blog, so we’ve got a screen shot of Liquor Licences in Nova Scotia on a map here. (source: When using this Interactive Report, users can actually make selections as to where they’d like to eat (regionally, geographically), and then selecting which establishment has a liquor licence, should you be looking for a refreshing beverage.

Microsoft literature claims it is now possible to have 300 million rows of data, and as our world becomes increasingly digital in all sectors – knowing how to use your data for good, creates endless possibilities.

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