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Eat, Play, and Shop Local with GetintheLoop

A useful, all-in-one tool for customers to learn about and support local businesses in their neighbourhood, GetintheLoop aims to do exactly what their name suggests – help customers “get in the loop”.

First launched in Kelowna B.C by Matt Crowell in 2013, GetintheLoop was initially designed to help golf courses fill their unsold tee times using a simple, yet creative text messaging platform. However, shortly after launching, Matt received inquiries from other types of businesses asking if GetintheLoop could help with their marketing efforts as well. From a fun project connecting local golf courses, to a robust technology platform connecting local businesses across North America with hundreds of thousands of engaged consumers, it is safe to say GetintheLoop has grown tremendously.

Recently awarded a Silver in the Non-traditional Franchisee category for the CFA franchisee of the year awards, Caitlin MacLachlan and Iftekhar Ahmed, a husband and wife team, have owned and operated the Halifax branch since Spring 2019. 

In Halifax alone, GetintheLoop proudly represents over 130 businesses including the Halifax Shopping Centre, Murphy’s Hospitality and the Devonian Coast Wineries. They also strive to work with and support a variety of not-for-profit organizations in the city such as the RMHCA and NSSPCA. Through their platform, these businesses are able to communicate and connect with opted-in local consumers directly on their mobile phones. The platform offers a range of features that business partners can utilize to stay top of mind and drive traffic; from push notifications, daily member emails, exclusive offers and fully mobile punch cards/loyalty programs. 

With a message that local businesses are the root of the community, GetintheLoop makes supporting local businesses in your community fun, easy and rewarding. 

“Locally owned businesses and bricks & mortar locations pay local taxes, create jobs, fuel creativity and provide unique products and experiences. Local businesses also recirculate over 60% of their revenue back into their local economies, keeping more consumer dollars here in the community. Although most consumers understand the importance and benefits of supporting their local businesses; a lack of  time, convenience and knowledge about the options available can often hinder consumers from supporting local first.”

– Caitlin MacLachlan

Another impressive feature of GetintheLoop is their mobile marketing franchise, a program designed to empower local entrepreneurs who want to help support businesses in their community and create a means of local marketing that is simple, affordable and measurable. Ingrained into the desire to provide an authentic, local alternative to marketing, GetintheLoop recognized that it could best build a locally focused marketplace for both businesses and consumers with local representation and ownership in each community we serve. Launching in 2018 the Getintheloop Local Franchise model became the first SaaS franchise and one of the fastest growing franchises in Canada. 

What’s next for the local team? GetintheLoop are currently looking to grow their partnerships with local events and festivals. They recently completed a partnership with the Coast Halifax’s “Halifax Burger Week 2021” campaign and are interested in helping provide an easy, all -in-one technology platform to power other community events; by offering full website integration, communication/marketing support and event gamification. 

Want to get in the loop? Check out their website!