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Enginuity: If It Needs Engineering, It Needs Enginuity

Meet Atlantic Canada’s Engine for Innovation and Premier Creative Design Engineering Firm – Enginuity.

Problem solvers – that’s the simple way to explain the team at Enginuity. The longer explanation would be that they’re a Canadian leader in mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, automation, and robotics – a full-service creative design engineering company. Perhaps “problem solvers” was a little oversimplified.

Made up of a multidisciplinary team of talented and creative engineers, designers, researchers, and strategists, they solve technically challenging problems with pragmatic and cost-effective engineering solutions for new product development and innovative design.

“We are on a mission to be Canada’s most impactful design and engineering group – and because we truly believe in making a difference through innovation, we break through the “usual” ways that the industry solves problems and examines solutions.” – Ben Garvey, President and Founder, Enginuity

Innovation is embedded in their culture, the team at Enginuity have created their own unique discovery process where they wrap a multidisciplinary team around a client’s idea to develop exact fit solutions. Through this process, they get to question everything – so their clients don’t have to. Enginuity wants to make sure that they get to the very core of what their clients need and what their true goals are, wanting to read minds so they can address their needs before they even realize they have any!

“ The best part of what we do? There are no complicated hoops to jump through, and no meaningless micromanagement — just lean, fast, creative leadership and engineering that helps clients reach their goals.” – Alastair “Alf” Trower, Director of Business Development, Enginuity

A very talented and diverse group of individuals, the Enginuity team can’t wait to get their hands on any engineering challenge! Each technical discipline brings its own strength, as well as each experience provides wisdom to apply to the next decision. They always focus highly on the matrix of their teams so that everyone is always working with the right people to solve the challenge at hand. Whatever that challenge may be, Enginuity consistently reminds itself that ‘If it needs Engineering, it needs Enginuity’.

Throughout the last year, Enginuity has grown in every department – projects, clients and their internal teams! A major highlight has been the launch of their Program Management Ecosystem, which helped them tell their story in a more meaningful way.

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Specializing in serving a wide range of clients from startups, entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses to large corporations, they support clients in verticals such as Farming and Food Processing, Aerospace and Defence, Product Innovation, Industry 4.0, Industrial and Marine Engineering, and more. With a goal of creating a unique and creative solution for everyone, Enginuity has done some pretty astounding things, just look at their website and you’ll see.