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Filling the Demand in Technology with MobSquad

Digital Nova Scotia member, MobSquad is a Canadian company that solves the significant and growing technology talent shortage faced by start-ups and scale-ups by enabling them to quickly have a turnkey “virtual” Canadian subsidiary.  They leverage their partnership with the Canadian Government to quickly obtain Canadian work permits for technology talent and their spouses within just four to eight weeks, permanent residency within six to eight months, and Canadian citizenship in under four years.  MobSquad manages the ongoing administrative processes of having talent in Canada including immigration support, resettlement services, payroll, legal, tax, human resources, real estate, benefits administration, and accounting.  Their solution is two-fold:

  1. MobSquad has unfettered access to top-tier talent located all over the world. MobSquad pairs this talent with Canadian or US-based clients on an exclusive, long-term basis, helping them grow their talent base.
  2. MobSquad helps US-based companies retain their technology professionals that are facing US work visa issues by near-shoring them in Canada.  Once settled in Canada, they then contract the employees back to the US company on an exclusive, long-term basis.

Identifying and Acknowledging Talent 

MobSquad works with top-tier US-based start-ups and scale-ups, as well as large Canadian companies looking to expand their technology teams who may not be able to source highly skilled local technological talent. They have built a substantial database of pre-vetted global technology talent, predominantly in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud/DevOps Computing, Data Engineering, and Software Development (Front and Back-End).  MobSquad screens all candidates via video interviews and code tests, and creates a standard MobSquad profile for each successful candidate.  When a client has talent requirements, MobSquad in most cases can present pre-vetted candidates to a client within 24 hours, helping clients grow their talent base quickly.

Connecting technology experts coast-to-coast

MobSquad’s partnership with the Canadian Government enables technology professionals from anywhere in the world to obtain Canadian work permits in four to eight weeks, and permanent residency in six to eight months.  This enables MobSquad to access the best talent globally, as MobSquad is able to attract talent looking for exciting career opportunities as well as a chance to build a life in North America for themselves and their families.  This in turn provides a unique opportunity for clients to work with the very best talent in the world.  MobSquad provides state-of-the-art office space, equipped with the technical infrastructure to facilitate remote work, and guarantee IP protection and transfer to clients.

The impacts of COVID-19

While MobSquad initially closed all of its offices nationally when COVID-19 began, MobSquad’s company structure and business model naturally support distributed teams and remote work well.  One area that has always been a focus for MobSquad, but is now more important than ever, is the mental health and wellbeing of their technology talent and employees.  Since face-to-face interactions are not often an option at this time, the management team at MobSquad is working hard to ensure that employee wellbeing remains a priority by hosting virtual events, scheduling regular check-ins with all employees, providing access to online stress and mental health management resources, and responding quickly to team member concerns in order to provide them with the resources they need to be successful.

Making a Global Impact

MobSquad offers a win-win solution for both clients and technology professionals.  When a North American company is struggling to source talent locally, MobSquad can provide them access to virtually unlimited talent by searching globally to find the right candidates. Their model provides an attractive offer to talent as well as a compelling and efficient solution to clients.  “This is extremely beneficial to our client companies, and it introduces exciting opportunities to candidates who have already expressed interest in relocating to Canada and may not have access to these opportunities otherwise,” says Katarina Covic, Manager with MobSquad.

As a Certified B Corporation, MobSquad operates with a strong social mission.  They are proud to contribute to Canada’s technology ecosystem by bringing top-tier technology professionals to Canada to roles that otherwise would not exist without MobSquad.  MobSquad strives to improve the quality of life of each of their employees and their families by fully sponsoring the immigration process, providing high-end salaries, and providing comprehensive benefits packages.   Their employee-centric environment, consisting of a continual focus on employee mental and physical health and creation of opportunities, has led MobSquad to be ranked 3rd best place to work in Canada for a small company in 2020 by Great Place To Work.  “Our company culture fosters a sense of community, belonging, and inclusivity, making MobSquad a place where life-long relationships are built,” says Katarina.

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