Get a Taste of Tourism during Small Business Week

It is officially Small Business Week! Here at Digital Nova Scotia, we love and appreciate all the businesses that make Nova Scotia such an amazing place to live and work. In celebration of the week, we wanted to take the opportunity to spotlight some amazing small businesses that are working with DNS through our Tourism Digital Assistance Program (TDAP).

Funded by and delivered in partnership with Tourism Nova Scotia, TDAP is helping small businesses across Nova Scotia attract more customers and grow sales through digital adoption and digital marketing efforts. Through this program, we connect eligible businesses with digital service providers to assist them in website development, digital marketing, and e-commerce.

One of the small businesses that participated in the program offers a truly unique Nova Scotian experience, and we couldn’t pass up sharing their story. Combining a love for the ocean that surrounds us and exquisite Nova Scotian cuisine, Food Fantastique offers the ultimate Nova Scotian culinary adventure… dining on the ocean floor.


An exceptional experience to savour the best Nova Scotian food, beer and wine, Food Fantastique takes their customers to enjoy the feast on the ocean floor at the site of the world’s highest tides! With their world-renown Dining on the Ocean Food, high-end catering experience, and hire a chef service, Food Fantastique has a lot to offer, and through TDAP, they wanted to work with a professional to revamp their website so they could share their services with the world.

“I was hoping to have an eye-catching website and the program deliver beyond the wildest dream. Our website was done on time, professionally and it looks amazing. TDAP has been an excellent partner to work with.”

-Domenic Padula, Food Fantastique

Through Digital Nova Scotia’s Tourism Digital Assistance Program, Food Fantastique was matched with a website development company, Boostflow, based in Yarmouth. The highly professional team at Boostflow took the time to understand what they were truly looking for and delivered an outstanding final product.

“Domenic was a pleasure to work with on this project. He granted our team the reins to take the lead on the design and structure of the new website. By combining our team’s design skills and philosophies with Domenic’s content, we delivered a beautiful website that shows his business in a different light.”

– Billy Mole, Boostflow


The team at Boostflow is passionate about identifying opportunities and solutions that make a real impact on how their clients do business, and they always focus on creating long-lasting connections – here, they did just that. Following their work with Food Fantastique through TDAP, Boostflow was hired by Food Fantastique to monitor and work on their website on an on-going basis. TDAP has been designed not only to support tourism businesses with digital adoption, but also expose them to local digital service providers that can help them achieve their goals long-term.

“Boostflow was an incredible partner to work with. Their patience and understanding was a breath of fresh air”

– Domenic Padula, Food Fantastique

When we asked Food Fantastique if they had any advice for other small businesses looking to get online, They responded, “Go for it, it is needed in 2021. If you do not know how (like I was) or feel intimidated, contact Digital Nova-Scotia. They will help you and connect you with a professional.”

Food Fantastique’s entry into the digital space has not always run so smoothly. Operating a small business in rural Nova Scotia can be both a gift and a curse at times. The challenges of running a small business are met with incredible advantages, such as seeing first-hand the economic impact that your business has on your community and developing incredible relationships. Boostflow understands those challenges and has developed incredible initiatives to help. Their Community Impact Program seeks to support organizations whose work focuses on creating lasting impacts in their communities. Through this program, the team at Boostflow will be working with non-profits in Nova Scotia to develop zero-cost websites.

Beyond their work with TDAP, Boostflow continues to positively impact Nova Scotia and help businesses flourish in the digital world.