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Global Relay: Using AI to Connect, Collaborate, and Discover

Global Relay’s cloud services can assist just about any business that is producing communications data by helping with connecting data, collaborating effectively, and discovering insight with Al-enabled solutions.

With cloud services that can assist just about any business producing data, Global Relay helps organizations connect data, collaborate effectively, and discover insights with Al-enabled solutions.

Founded in 1999, Global Relay’s goal was to capitalize on the shift to digital communications and create storage for electronic data. Long before the term ‘cloud’ entered the mainstream, they recognized the internet could provide hosted archiving services in the cloud for monthly subscription fees. This discovery led them to pioneer the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model of delivering technology.

In 2003, following the accounting scandals at Enron, Arthur Andersen, and Worldcom, new regulations mandated financial firms and public companies to preserve their business records – electronic communications included. This created a huge demand for Global Relay’s services and set the company on the path to leadership in cloud-based data storage, management, and governance.

Today, Global Relay is the leading provider of compliance archiving, information governance, surveillance, eDiscovery, and analytics solutions to global finance and other highly regulated industries. After establishing their dominance in the finance sector, the company has begun marketing its electronic records management solutions to other verticals, particularly energy, government, healthcare, insurance, and corporates.

Their integrated solutions help financial firms and other organizations comply with data retention and supervision regulations; gain critical business intelligence from their data; and proactively prepare for audits, information requests, and litigation. The company’s two primary services are Global Relay Archive and Global Relay Unified Communications.

  1. Global Relay Archive: Enables financial firms to compliantly capture, manage, and preserve over 100 data types – including eComms, web, social media, voice, and trade data – in a secure, unified, and private cloud
  2. Global Relay Unified Communications: Equips organizations with a broad range of communication and collaboration tools – e.g. instant messaging, text messaging, and virtual phone – with built-in security, privacy, and compliance features

Global Relay has had many recent accomplishments, including the development of a next-generation archive, enhancement of search and supervision tools, and leadership in financial services archiving.

  • The company’s next-generation Archive can support 400,000+ users in a single repository. Up to 1,000x faster than competitive systems, and allows users to search across petabytes of data in seconds, not hours or days.
  • Global Relay has recently enhanced its data search and supervision tools with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), allowing recognition of search queries and identifying data of potential interest more efficiently.
  • Through their leadership, Global Relay has grown its customer base to over 20,000 customers in more than 90 countries. These currently include 22 of the top 25 global banks, the majority of U.S broker-dealers, the majority of U.S. exchanges, and over 70% of North American hedge funds.

Another major accomplishment by Global Relay includes designing, owning, and operating a green data centre. Built to use cutting-edge green technologies, unlike many other cloud service providers who operate energy-intensive data centres with high GHG emissions, these green technologies include evaporative cooling and free air to cool servers, which eliminates air conditioning and reduces power usage by 50%. The facility also uses hydroelectricity – itself a green, renewable resource – from local waterways. Global Relay is committed to giving the environment the same level of protection that it provides to sensitive customer data.

Interested in connecting your electronic communications, voice, social media, trade and legacy data, and having it delivered to your Global Relay Archive or wherever you need it? Global Relay’s team of dedicated colleagues with a drive to grow, innovate, and deliver are ready to help! Visit here to find out more information.