Highlighting Last Years 2020 Winners: Mi’kmaw Economics Benefit Office (MEBO) – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry
Highlighting Last Years 2020 Winners: Mi’kmaw Economics Benefit Office (MEBO)

Mi’kmaw Economics Benefit Office (MEBO) has, time and time again, advocated and fought for diversity in the workplace and the development of inclusive hiring practices for Indigenous persons across Nova Scotia.

“Winning this award helps recognize the effort the Mi’kmaw have made, and are continuing to make across every sector of the NS economy. It acknowledges that we are here and we want to open pathways to careers for our community members. It means the industry is starting to engage with our communities in a meaningful way, and it is important because opportunity equates to hope for a better and brighter future for us all.” – Alex Paul, Executive Director, Mi’kmaw Economics Benefit Office

Their strong reputation for advancing education and workforce development for Indigenous peoples across trades, education and tech industries was proven as they were selected as the Digital Diversity Awards, Diversity and Inclusion Champion in 2020!

Working in partnership with various industries, education and government partners, MEBO has developed a strategic, results-driven approach to Indigenous engagement; always having its lens on the importance of diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. Their business approach is open, transparent communication and collaboration with all those involved and their model of economic development are often referred to as the “Unama’ki Model”, which has been recognized for its success across Canada!

Offering a variety of programs and services MEBO has successfully created hundreds of jobs for local Indigenous people/communities across Nova Scotia. Successful programs such as MEBO’s could not happen without the help of the many partners and supporters they have across our province. Being nominated not just once for this award but twice shows how impactful Alex and his team are at MEBO.

“This is a very significant award for our office as it helps bring attention to what we do and our efforts with industry, government, and educational institutions to create opportunity for a community has been overlooked as a source of talent for the ICT sector. This has led to even more opportunity for collaboration, and I strongly encourage others to nominate those who are agents of innovation and change, whether big or small, those who are working to build relations and transform our economy deserve to be recognized and their efforts celebrated.” – Alex Paul, Executive Director, Mi’kmaw Economics Benefit Office