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Highlighting Last Year’s 2020 Winners: Techsploration

The Nova Scotia tech sector is thriving, our need for a full talent pipeline continues to be essential, and organizations like Techsploration are working hard to ensure we have it!

Last fall, Techsploration was recognized as our 2020 Shaping the Future Digital Diversity Award winner! Their team, board and volunteers are dedicated to increasing the number of women working in science, trades and technology by helping young women from diverse backgrounds to explore and experience a wide range of career options.

Techsploration’s unique and rather intense 4-phase program model combines a series of workplace visits and activities with female industry role models, hands-on workshops, career exploration and experiential learning activities, and an annual conference for alumnae, introducing young women to careers they may never have considered. In addition to the targeted goals, participants benefit as their skills are enhanced in the areas of communication, IT, leadership, teamwork, public speaking, and report writing.

Each year, Techsploration reaches 40 schools and impacts over 3,500 students in Nova Scotia. As well, they are currently working with over 350 volunteers and host more than 50 events over the school year. The Techsploration program lasts much longer than the 4 years of high school, it’s a lifelong peer-to-peer and mentor network that supports women throughout their careers. Many alumnae from the program become role models for the future generation of women in Techsploration, continuing the cycle of shaping our future leaders in the tech industry.

“We are so appreciative of the recognition we received as the winner of last year’s Shaping the Future Award. We’ve been one of Nova Scotia’s best-kept secrets and this acknowledgement of our organization and the work we do has really helped showcase our programming and how impactful it is in addressing current/future skills shortages and the need for greater diversity in science, engineering, trades, and technology fields. Thank you, Digital Nova Scotia!” – Emily Boucher, Interim Executive Director, Techsploration

Since winning the Shaping the Future Award Techsploration expanded its programming to Ontario as part of their National Expansion Pilot. Due to Covid-19, Techsploration had to adapt all program models to fit a virtual/online format, which was not an easy feat, but it allowed them to continue delivering their program in the middle of a global pandemic.

More women are in the tech sector now because Techsploration exists. Their made-in-Nova-Scotia model is considered a national best practice and to them, it is absolutely worth celebrating. It’s important to acknowledge that the more people hear about the Techsploration program, the bigger of an impact it can have – whether it is in the industry looking for more diverse talent or youth interested in exploring exciting, in-demand careers.

“This award is a testament to the dedicated efforts of our incredible community of partners, teachers, students, role models, and volunteers who make our programming possible. We encourage others to celebrate their achievements and to nominate those who have worked so hard to make the tech sector more diverse – it’s an important recognition!” – Emily Boucher, Techsploration

The 2021 Digital Diversity Awards are now open! Nominate someone deserving today!