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HuMetis: Cloud for Everyone

Their company motto, “Technology for all” has become an undeniable truth for the world today. 

HuMetis, a technical staffing and solutions team, was created by a group of technology entrepreneurs. Experts in cloud computing, software quality, and emerging technologies, their services are designed with one concept in mind – equipping their clients to succeed in the digital space. 

The main driving forces behind HuMetis are two men named Kumar (CEO of HuMetis) and Babu (COO of HuMetis). Kumar, a former consultant, was frustrated with the system in place for hiring in the technology sector. He saw that talent was being marketed at unaffordable high prices, mid and small sized companies couldn’t afford technological services, while large companies kept growing. Babu had relocated several times prior to meeting Kumar, and each time felt the pains of having to start fresh. Although career wise there can be some satisfaction, having a community you can count on in times of need is crucial. 

To solve these issues, the company realized they could make a positive impact on the community by banding together. In turn, HuMetis discovered that the best way to help their employees is by providing them with introductions into social communities, having fair pay, and being supported by a leadership team they can count on.  This led to HuMetis being built off of their ability to recognize trends, manage resources, drive accessible change, understand the value in respect to quality, build networks, promote affordable technology, and ultimately, support human connection. 

Embodied by the mindset of  “work hard, play hard,” HuMetis has found that people are most motivated when treated as a person, and not just a resource. Every person on their team has been strategically chosen because of their potential to grow with the business. This is important because initially built off of their personal network, HuMetis understands the importance of building yourself at work when you work with friends and family. 

Promoting cooperation in their assignments, it’s not uncommon for HuMetis’ C-level staff to reach out to consultants for input, or their sales team to collaborate with staffing directors on presentations. Allowing room for error creates a safe place for their employees to grow in. 

Due to the pandemic, many people who were resisting the switch to digital are accepting that a portion of the work needs to be digital at this point. The team at HuMetis are starting to see mid-sized companies working across borders, tools being developed for collaboration with remote team members, and families working hard to connect with each other however possible. 

A company with a people-first approach is one we’re extremely proud to have here, if you’re interested in working with HuMetis – check out their website.