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Introhive: Harnessing the Power of AI and CRM Automation

Opening its doors in 2012 to help businesses organize and mainstream their Customer Relationship Management, Introhive has always had their customer in mind. From the beginning, CEO Jody Glidden prioritized collaboration and growth in order to achieve this goal, and never looked back!

Starting off strong, Introhive has maintained steady momentum over the past decade, allowing them to support and fine-tune their clients’ CRM needs. This has not gone unnoticed.

In only its second year of operations, The Globe & Mail named Introhive as one of the Top 5 Atlantic companies to watch. Their team has since received various other recognitions, such as being awarded Best CRM Innovation at the MarTech 2020 Breakthrough Awards, as well as 3 consecutive years in Deloitte’s Fast 50 Awards’ Top 10 Fastest Growing Technology Companies. These accomplishments were rightfully earned through the hard work of the Introhive team, and they show no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Starting in just one office with 35 employees in Fredericton, Introhive gradually increased their staff to 100 people in 2018. Over the last 4 years, however, they’ve skyrocketed to well over 450 employees! What was once a small business in Atlantic Canada has since expanded across the globe, helping businesses streamline their CRM to help foster greater and more profitable relationships.

Growing at such a rate is no easy feat, but Introhive has managed to do so gracefully, while still building a flourishing organizational culture and environment for its team. They’ve honed their onboarding process to ensure that they attract leading talent to their ranks, and despite their expedited growth, they’re still consistently named one of the best places to work in Canada.

Whether referring to the employees or the experience they bring to the table for their customers, Introhive holds great value in diversity and inclusion. This means that everyone in their team, from sales professionals to world-leading AI experts, are all shown the utmost respect. In fact, Introhive prides itself on being one of the best workplaces in Canada for women.

The services and software that they offer allows the Introhive team to identify and address the overwhelming and inaccurate data that is all too commonplace for organizations – data that they rely on to run efficiently.

“Automation is essential to the growth of any business in today’s landscape. There is too much data, too much activity to manage by hand. There’s no time to do things manually, and no room for the inaccuracy caused by human error.”

– Mark Hand, Content Marketer at Introhive.

In order to appropriately make informed decisions and efficiently manage your business, automation is key. With the flip of a switch, you are able to trust that the information you have is accurate and are able to move forward without worrying about any setbacks. That’s the beauty of what they offer at Introhive.

Armed with this solid foundation of clean data, the Introhive Customer Intelligence platform’s AI draws insights that help customers find new opportunities, win more business, and grow their revenue. It all comes back to Introhive’s company vision, to enable companies to strengthen their most valuable asset—customer relationship capital—so they can deliver on their core value of putting customers first.

In today’s digital world data is the key, and Introhive and their team could be the ally you’re looking for to help you unlock your company’s true potential.