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Leaders in the age of sweeping digital change: Hire a Master of Digital Innovation (MDI) intern this summer

Learning from experts in the faculties of Computer Science, Management, Law and Medicine, Dalhousie Master of Digital Innovation (MDI) students bring leadership qualities along with the skills to help you manage change and identify opportunities in the face of ongoing digital innovation.

Now, more than ever, organizations are having to adopt digital practices and skills to adapt, thrive and in some cases survive. In recent years, sectors as diverse as health care, banking, oceans, government and entertainment have become “digital” industries, dramatically changing the way they do business.

In response to this, Dalhousie University has launched a new graduate-level program in 2020 to train digital professionals that can work in any sector or industry.

The new Master of Digital Innovation (MDI) is an interdisciplinary program that draws on expertise from the Faculties of Computer Science, Management, Law and Medicine.

“Digital transformation is quickly becoming a priority, or even necessity, for businesses and individuals especially given the challenges we are all facing of adapting to remote work and business,” says Andrew Rau-Chaplin, dean of the Faculty of Computer Science. “Through collaboration between Faculties, students will be exposed to a rich and varied educational experience that will provide them with the knowledge and skills to truly work at the intersection of technology and business within the context of any domain.”

The MDI is an evolution of two existing programs, the Master of Electronic Commerce (MEC) and the Master of Health Informatics (MHI), essentially bringing them together while allowing the program to expand into additional domains where digital transformation is happening now, and in the future.

Experience first-hand how digital innovation managers can transform organizations by hiring an internship student! The first cohort of students will be available this summer (May-August 2021). Funding may be available to subsidize the cost of a student’s salary. 

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