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Leading AI Solutions: Global Spatial Technology Solutions

Global Spatial Technology Solutions (GSTS) Inc. is a Dartmouth based company established to develop applications from the new global maritime data sets that were becoming available from the launch of a new class of satellites. The founders of GSTS were actually involved in the development of the first maritime surveillance satellites of their kind (and the analysis of the global ship tracking or AIS (Automatic Identification System) data they produced)!

Today, GSTS is a leader in the development of next generation AI-based solutions for the maritime sector using multiple satellite data sets including AIS, Radar, Optical and Sigint sources – providing real-time actionable intelligence to end users. Their team is driving the next step in enhanced maritime situational awareness and vessel logistics management: the AI-based OCIANA™ Maritime Management platform.

GSTS’ OCIANA™ is a global maritime management platform that uses AI to translate maritime data into information readily usable for decision-making by defence, civil, and commercial users. The platform rapidly processes satellite data with other datasets harvested from ocean, weather, and port activity providing enhanced maritime situational awareness, risk assessment and vessel management to clients worldwide.

OCIANA™ comprises a responsive geographical interface for the communication of vessel and contextual information alongside AI-derived vessel intelligence. The platform is fed by a high-volume data ingestion pipeline, including a real-time stream of satellite-captured Automatic Identification System (AIS) vessel-reported data. OCIANA™ leverages cloud-based assets for robustness and to simplify scaling to meet user demands.

How does OCIANA™’ help?:

Risk Management: for enhanced maritime domain awareness and real-time vessel threat assessment. OCIANA™ enhances situational awareness by conducting global vessel risk analysis, providing a complete and robust operational picture of the maritime domain. Using various satellite data sets, coupled with machine learning algorithms for object analysis, OCIANA™ enables customers to detect, assess and respond to maritime threats rapidly and effectively. OCIANA™ rapidly identifies maritime risks and enables operators to coordinate, allocate resources, and take effective action!

Vessel Management: to improve vessel route optimization, thus reducing fuel consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and fuel costs. OCIANA™ rapidly processes satellite data with other data sets harvested from ocean, weather, and port activity to provide dynamic decision-making information in near real-time. The capabilities include improved port and vessel efficiency, emission reduction, enhanced environmental protection and endangered marine species protection!

OCIANA™ is a modular platform that is configured to the specific operational, geographic, and regulatory conditions of each port, providing unparalleled performance in accuracy and optimization. The system continuously trains over time enabling it to adjust to changes in conditions such as alterations in trade flow, environmental or climate events and resource availability. The platform is best in class. 



For commercial users, GSTS’ platform can help better manage ship traffic in response to natural and human-made disasters, divert ships around endangered species habitat and significantly reduce pollution created though unnecessary fuel use and illegal dumping of ballast water.



For defence users, coast guards and navies are able to better able to detect illegal fishing operations, proactively detect smugglers and hostile intrusions into national waters. By making sense of the large datasets available, you can effectively monitor Canada’s vast coastlines and offshore operating areas, meaning improved safety for all maritime operations and better security for Canada’s maritime approaches!

Thank you to our members, GSTS for sharing more about their impressive platform, OCIANA™! They’re a leader in Artificial Intelligence solutions for the maritime domain – with solutions that are designed to save lives, energy, the environment and support logistic resilience on a global scale. 

Interested in learning more? Visit www.gsts.ca, reach out to Stephen Martins or follow them on Twitter!