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March SEO Brunch Audit with Genrus United

On the last Monday of every month, MacMillan Search hosts SEO Brunch, a virtual meetup for folks interested in Search Engine Optimization. Each brunch features a 10-minute SEO Audit, a guest talk, and a question and answer session to help companies grasp concepts around growing organic SEO traffic.

Presented in partnership with Digital Nova Scotia, the 10-minute Audit provides the invitee a website review by a professional SEO consultant. Each auditee receives at least 3 actionable insights to improve visibility and traffic in search results via SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) strategies.

At our SEO Brunch in March, we performed a 10-minute SEO audit for Genrus United, a membership-based prescription buying group that currently operates primarily in Atlantic Canada. Genrus partners with independent pharmacies to make prescription drugs more affordable for their members, and ultimately all Canadians.

Here are the results of our 10-Minute SEO Audit!

Organic Traffic Insights

Branded keywords drove the most traffic, but non-branded offers a unique opportunity

The only non-branded traffic is in secondary positions for the individual pharmacy pages. This position presents a unique opportunity to highlight your product and partnerships for their branded queries and provide potential customer details on how this can benefit them.

macmillan search dashboard for analysis

Getting this non-branded visibility to convert

google SERP for black diamond pharmacy displaying maps

Although we don’t show up at the top, lower on the page, we do.

lower page serp results for black diamond pharmacy query example

The page’s content currently returns code. As the only content on the page, that code gets pulled in as the meta description. Your developers should be notified so that they can remove the code.

Action item: Get your developer to remove the array code on the product pages

These pages offer an opportunity to get the attention of potential customers unaware of the service you provide in partnership with that location.

The first thing we would recommend is to update the page content.

Acton Item: Update the page content

  • Update the top-level heading: Black Diamond Pharmacy* Prescription Savings
  • Update the intro paragraph: Stop paying too much for your medications – let Black Diamond Pharmacy* & Genrus United help you find savings on the medications you need
  • Have a follow-up paragraph that highlights your relationship: include how this relationship benefits the customer.
  • Include a (CTA) Call to Action to Join & Save
  • Include a summary of each partner: they should have this already written. If not, use the GMB description that shows up in a partner branded search.
  • Include each partner’s street address
  • Mark them up with structured data

Next, we recommend influencing the information in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

Action Item: update your title and meta description to be more compelling and attract more clicks.

  • Title Suggestion: Black Diamond Pharmacy* Prescription Savings | Genrus United
  • Description Suggestion: Stop paying too much for your medications – let Black Diamond Pharmacy* & Genrus United help you find savings on the medications you need.
  • Updated the Published date to Today: a recent date inspires trust and increases CTR (Clickthrough Rate)

*the partner name is a variable to be set based on name.

With those in place, your search results could look like

SERP example for black diamond pharmacy

Future Opportunity: If you can collect star reviews from members, mark those up with structured data, and potentially get stars in the search results. These tend to lead to higher CTR.

Organic Summary

  • With deeper, more compelling search results and digestible content, you can convert these already ranking pages into lead generators.

Paid Traffic Insights

Some events may need re-labelling

GA is currently tracking a lot of events, including form submissions. It looks like Google Tag Manager is firing form submission events for any medication search. But, these searches can be split into separate categories.

event action example for genrus

We also have duplicate outbound click events. It looks like the event category ‘outbound-link’ may be deprecated and can either be merged with the ‘Click’ event category or removed entirely.

Click & Outbound link

Additionally, the ‘Click’ outbound link click category may be firing outbound links when those links are to your pages. You can fix this by filtering out link clicks to your own domains.

Add Google Tag Manager to subdomains

Several subdomains are tracked in GA, but it may be worth adding GTM to join.genrusunited to track those form submissions. Since that’s the highest-intent action on the website, it would be great to have that data tracked in GA.

Additionally, you add a filter to GA that prepends the hostname to the request URI. The filter will show you which domain the user took action on. In your case, this will help you see different user behaviour on all subdomains.

Google Analytics filter example

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