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May SEO Brunch Audit with Recognize Your Potential

On the last Monday of every month, MacMillan Search hosts SEO Brunch; a virtual meetup focused on Search Engine Optimization. Each brunch features a 10-minute SEO Audit, a guest speaker, and a Q&A to help companies grasp concepts around growing organic SEO traffic.

Presented in partnership with Digital Nova Scotia, the 10-minute Audit provides the recipient with a website review prepared by SEO professionals. Each audit results in 3 or more actionable insights to improve visibility and traffic in search results via SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) strategies.

At our SEO Brunch in May, we performed an audit for Recognize Your Potential, a Halifax-based consultancy offering training and coaching to help clients own their power. Through inspired conversations, Floria Aghdamimehr embraces an attitude of altitude, transforming minds so her clients can soar.

You can see the results of our audit below.

Recognize Your Potential – 10-Minute Audit

New Site Build Considerations

When rebuilding your website, you are not starting new. Think of it as building a new storefront to house your business. The location, the layout, and the presentation of your services/product might change. However, your reputation and what you have to offer have remained.

What Use to Drive Traffic

Using Google Search Console (GSC), review what pages used to drive clicks and confirm a page still exists. If not, redirect the broken page to a new page with similar content using 301 redirects.

Broken Backlinks

Quality backlinks increase your website’s authority, and much like your company’s reputation, you build them over time. When you redevelop a website and change the URLs that others have linked to, you need to set up 301 redirects.

301 redirects tell search engines, “this URL used to exist here, but it has permanently moved to here.” Thus, a redirect not only allows you to maintain the “authority you have built” but also provides a better user experience for people who are discovering you from external websites.

We have reviewed the broken links and suggest setting up the following redirects; – redirect to (our set up a landing page on the website for your podcasts) – redirect to – redirect to – redirect to – redirect to – redirect to – redirect to – redirect to (or set up a landing page on the website for your videos) – redirect to

Site Health

We ran your site through the tool Ahrefs and got a health score of 28%. A score like this means that 41 of 57 pages available have an issue that could affect how Google indexes your website. Of these issues, the biggest are:

1.Orphan page (has no incoming internal links) – Orphan pages have no incoming internal links. Search engine crawlers can only discover orphans from the sitemap file or external backlinks. Website visitors won’t be able to get to this page from any other page on your website. (Ahrefs Site Audit)

The Fix – 2 pages have no links from other pages. If you would like these indexed, you should include links on the site. If you don’t want these in Google’s index, you should set them as “noindex.” If unsure how to do this inside your CMS, we suggest asking the developer who built the site. The pages are:



2. Page links to a broken page – Pages on your website that link to internal or external URLs returning one of the 4xx or 5xx HTTP response codes. These links are widely known as “broken links.” Broken links on your website damage your visitors’ browsing experience as people cannot access the page or file via a link they click. Besides, broken links create unnecessary “dead ends” for search engine crawlers and can waste your crawl budget. (Ahrefs Site Audit)

The Fix – On there is a link to you should update the link to

3. HTTPS page has internal links to HTTP – HTTPS pages linking to HTTP pages on your website. If an internal link on your website brings people to an HTTP URL, modern browsers will warn visitors about a non-secure page. These warnings can damage your overall website authority and user experience. (Ahrefs Site Audit)

The Fix – on, there is a link using the text “you can subscribe” that links to the HTTP version of the home page, update that link to link to HTTPS.

4. Meta description tag missing or empty – Pages with a missing or empty meta description tag. Without a meta description, you’re missing the opportunity to present the summary of your page content to the search engines. Google will sometimes show high-quality descriptions as search snippets.

The Fix – add a compelling meta description to each page. If you are looking for a starting point, review both how the page ranks and the terms it ranks for in Google Search Console Rework the meta description to what you would like. Learn more about writing strong meta descriptions with our guide

5. Multiple meta description tags – A meta description tag informs the search engine with a short, informative summary of what’s on your page. High-quality descriptions can sometimes be displayed in Google’s search results as search snippets, helping you get higher click-through rates from SERPs. However, multiple meta descriptions can confuse the search engines as they only expect one meta description tag per page.

The Fix – remove one of these descriptions.

Paid Marketing Considerations

GA Property Tracked Twice

Your UA code shows up twice and is likely as a result of your recent rebuild. Sometimes, when migrating an older version of a website to a newer version, code snippets get duplicated. This duplication could be throwing off your data and should be looked into right away.

HubSpot Code Not Implemented

When you launched your new website (sometime in April), it looks like your HubSpot tracking code didn’t migrate over correctly. While not critical, this code can give you helpful information about your contacts and their web activity. Another side benefit is that once the HubSpot code is on your website, your Weebly forms should automatically sync with HubSpot, saving you from having to export those leads manually.

Add Square HubSpot Integration

Because you use both Square and HubSpot, you can take advantage of the integration between the platforms. This way, when a customer purchases anything via Square, they will automatically be added or updated in your HubSpot instance. Read more here:

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