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Member Q&A: A sit down with Teebod

We had the fantastic opportunity to chat with Paul Odufuye, Senior Director of Engineering & Projects, and the team at Teebod Technical Solutions to learn more about the amazing work they do and how their team has expanded beyond Nova Scotian waters!

How did Teebod Technical Solutions come to be? 

Back in 2020, the idea of Teebod was conceived by a team of professionals with experience cutting across several terrain and industry landscapes. Teebod was inspired by the passion to deliver excellent technical and professional services, along with a unique customer experience.

What has Teebod’s journey been like from the initial startup to where you are today? 

The early days were a bit challenging for us, as with any other startup business, but we quickly got to an equilibrium and things began to stabilize. The pandemic did cause some very considerable setbacks, but we are gradually coming out of that. We are starting to get back to steady growth and are very excited and hopeful about the future!

Can you tell us a bit about what kind of work Teebod deals in?

Teebod operates under two umbrellas of service; Engineering services, and professional services. Some of our engineering services include data analytics and data science. Other engineering services entail requirement analysis, engineering designs, and supply and construction (Installation, systems integration, testing & commissioning) for the following :

  • Telecommunications system
  • Marine electronics / Navigational system
  • Instrumentation and Control system

In terms of professional services, we primarily offer program and project management. Our professional services also include risk management and change management, both of which are outsourced. 

With such a variety of services offered, how does the team work together to ensure that projects and operations run smoothly?

We have dedicated professionals who are subject matter experts for each service offering. Depending on the scale of a particular project requirement, additional resources are used accordingly. Strategic planning and team work helps to ensure that operational and project activities run smoothly. At the end of the day, it’s the dedication of our subject matter experts and the team’s desire to exceed expectations that makes Teebod unique. 

What are some of Teebod’s most important values?

Our core values are :

  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Excellent service delivery
  • Vendor and solution versatility

It’s the team’s commitment to these principles that ultimately propels Teebod to success.

Digital Nova Scotia would like to extend a big thanks to the Teebod team for taking the time to answer our questions! If you want to learn more about Teebod, the services they offer, or how their solutions could help your business, feel free to visit their website at