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Microhills, Taking Technology to New Heights

In the business world, very few things are a walk in the park but for Microhills, solving those business challenges, or “hills”, as they like to call it, is what they do best.

Seeing the increasing growth and impact of technology on all areas of our lives, Jide Adesalu brought Microhills to life. Their name is a combination of what they do best, creating and adding value to organizations through computers (Microchips) and bringing together a team with over 35 years of combined industry experience to solve business challenges (hills). They help their clients reach business goals and achieve higher performance results, and are dedicated to helping small businesses adopt and accelerate their digital transformation.

Jide Adesau, the founder of Microhills brings a vast portfolio of experience to the company, supporting their success. He alone pulls over 25 years of experience in systems analysis and development, project management, service management, and service delivery to name a few. Combining his knowledge with his excellent team of experts and tools makes the perfect mix that enables them to perform better and deliver faster results.

“Survival for businesses of the future will depend on their level of digital transformation in virtual collaboration, remote working, and their ability to make online sales. It’s more critical than ever before for businesses to evaluate their digital transformation journey and make decisive efforts to progress.”
– Jide Adesalu, President of Microhills Inc.

Microhills is a one-stop company with expertise in end-to-end design and development of fit-for-purpose websites, mobile apps, web apps, system integrations, software solutions, and IT support that creates a first-rate customer experience. They stand out from the competition by always delivering effective communication that puts clients first and prioritizes delivering the most cost-effective advice. At Microhills, they go the extra mile and aim to guarantee customer satisfaction and success.

Their team is also proud to currently be in the pre-launch process of their flagship product, Handyconnect, a software as a service platform that provides a collaborative environment for service providers and job owners. Traditionally, service providers (i.e. handymen, nannies, etc.) would secure the majority of their contracts through word-of-mouth and/or recommendations, or through advertising methods such as billboards, social media posts, Kijiji, etc. While this approach may work for some, they are often costly and time-consuming. Handyconnect brings safety and accountability of both service providers and job owners, helping them overcome existing limitations by reliably and repeatedly connecting job owners to service providers in real-time. Interested? They’d love to hear from you!

For more information about how Microhills can help your business and you visit them at their website, https://microhills.com/