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People and Culture Over Everything: Resulta

“Proudly Nova Scotian, Fiercely World Class” – Ken MacDonald, COO at Resulta

They’ve been in the game since before the game even existed – originally founded in 1992, the marketing agency that would come to be known as Resulta certainly knows their way around. With a multidisciplinary team of over 100 marketing and technology explorers, Resulta provides innovative solutions, helping businesses achieve their goals everyday.

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Resulta’s COO, Ken MacDonald, to discuss what makes Resulta’s culture so unique, and what drives the team to succeed.

With the rise of the global internet in 1994, Resulta took a leap of faith, transforming into a B2C marketing agency and they never looked back. From the beginning, Resulta has prided themselves on their strong roots in Nova Scotia. Their Atlantic heritage not only plays a huge role in the office culture, but also has become intertwined with the company’s brand identity.

“Though we work on a global scale, Nova Scotia will always be a part of our grassroots, and we couldn’t think of a better place to call home.” – Ken MacDonald, COO at Resulta

High performers with diverse expertise make up the team at Resulta. They’ve got team members who specialize in all of their services offered, such as business intelligence, marketing, web development, ITOPS, creative services, product management, SEO, quality assurance, data services, content, project management, R&D, and administration!

“We don’t just hire top talent; we cultivate visionaries with entrepreneurial spirits and ‘can-do’ attitudes.” – Ken MacDonald, COO at Resulta

You can find Resulta at the crossroads of innovation and results, meaning they understand that to truly thrive in their industry, chances need to be taken and mistakes need to be made, but above all, the team must grow in the end. When asked what separates Resulta from other marketing technology companies, Ken pointed to the culture, saying “the team’s ambition is calculated and limitless, but we’re too busy to be corporate or have an ego. We celebrate our wins and learn from our losses as a team- and we thrive on controlled chaos”.

With over 100 employees from all different backgrounds, the importance of culture at Resulta cannot be overstated. Whether it’s through Thursday office lounge chats, or enjoying team lunches together, Resulta puts their people and culture over everything. They’ve worked hard to create an environment that makes their team feel good, from Monday fruit baskets and a fitness allowance, to great medical benefits and a commitment to personal growth.

Core company values include fearlessness, accountability, and creativity, but according to Ken, it is the dedication to the enrichment and success of their employees that has helped Resulta push the boundaries of possibility since the very beginning.

The more we hear, the more we love. Nova Scotian through and through, we loved the chance to get to share a bit more about this great company. Thanks to Ken for taking the time to talk to us, and if their vibe matches yours, don’t forget to check out their latest job postings.