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Podstarter, Inviting you to Find your Audience and Story

Whether it’s to entertain, educate or connect, DNS Member Podstarter helps Nova Scotians tell their story through… you guessed it, podcasting! From bridging the gaps and challenges clients could face when launching a podcast, to adding expertise, studio resources, and producer services, the Podstarter team helps podcasts reach their full potential.

You might ask yourself, how hard is it to launch a podcast? Well, typically, anyone can launch a podcast; however, launching it well is the hard part. That is where Podstarter comes in, assisting creators and making the process easier by guiding them through the journey they have come to know quite well. Podstarter is well versed in not only finding your audience but crafting a compelling story that resonates with such an audience. The team hosts an inviting studio space that is usually filled with chiseled podcast experts practicing what they love to do.

“We have clients that blow our minds. People are passionate about what they know and once comfortable to share, it pulls you in. We’re lucky – we don’t have to go far to hear great Podcasts, our clients bring the conversations to us.”

– Jonathan Burns, Co-Founder of Podstarter

Co-founders, Rhys Waters and Jonathan Burns drew on their various backgrounds and experiences to help form the company. Rhys moved to Canada from Wales in search of a life-changing experience and he found it. He’s been professionally involved in podcasting since 2014, and when launching the company, he knew that his extensive experience meant he could provide something significant to the market.

“I co-founded Podstarter with the goal of empowering podcasters to create amazing content tailored to build audiences”

– Rhys Waters, Co-Founder of Podstarter

Jonathan Burns is an experienced producer. He’s produced and developed countless hours of podcasts, and different realms of online content that reach millions of people. With a knack for connecting individuals with companies, Jonathan connects content with the curious, using a mix of technology, marketing and people. Foreseeing a bright future for Podstarter, he knows of the dire need for a company like this in what can be a sometimes difficult industry.

“I co-founded Podstarter in part to help people share their stories. But more specifically to help content creators think differently about their audience, their content, and the connection between the two.”

– Jonathan Burns, Co-Founder of Podstarter

In the past year, podcasts have significantly increased in popularity, and 71% of Canadians above the age of twelve are monthly podcast listeners. As podcast popularity rises, businesses have quickly learned about the incredible benefits podcasting can provide,for example, it has been found that creating podcasts can significantly improve brand awareness (branded podcasts yield an 89% increase in brand awareness). Data also shows that 48% of Canadian podcast listeners consume podcasts that are made by Canadians, this is fantastic news for Podstarter because the support of fellow Canadians is always there.

As the podcast industry is currently in a moment of creative and innovative renaissance, Podstarter continues to grow and make its mark. The team has just surpassed 4.5 billion minutes of content listed to, and in a time of short tweets, scrolled through content feeds, and skippable ads – that’s phenomenal! They’ve also managed to launch over 700 episodes in less than two years -that is almost one episode a day!

Standing out amongst competitors, Podstarter employs all their efforts and expertise towards their clients and their craft, and it clearly shows. There’s something about podcasts – when they are done right, people tune in. When podcasts are done well, the sky’s the limit!

Looking to start a podcast? Connect with Podstarter today!