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Removing Barriers – Access Changes Everything Inc.

When barriers from digital materials and media are removed, access changes everything for the person, society and the world.

“I want to help make the digital world barrier-free so that everyone can access information.” – Lisa Snider, Owner, Access Changes Everything Inc.

Lisa’s passion in life has been to make the digital world more accessible for people with different disabilities. This was the inspiration behind her company Access Changes Everything Inc. (ACE). She wanted to make sure every person is able to access websites, documents, audio/video, emails, social media, e-books and apps, without barriers.

Since 1999, Lisa has been a digital accessibility advocate and specialist, specializing in digital accessibility in different contexts and settings, including as a web developer, archivist, and librarian. She founded her company in 2016 and has been the Senior Accessibility Consultant and Trainer in her company, ACE, ever since.

Lisa is also pursuing her Education Ph.D. (Inclusive Education) from Acadia University and Mount Saint Vincent University. Her main focus is academic non-curriculum documents and people with cognitive, intellectual, neurological and/or learning disabilities.

Lisa works with a wide variety of North American organizations, businesses and governments, including the Government of Nova Scotia, Acadia University, University of Manitoba, City of Winnipeg, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and the Government of Manitoba. To find out more about her work, you can read more on her website. Sharing her accessibility knowledge through in-person and virtual training, Lisa is trying to change the lives of others.

Her success in this field has granted opportunities such as being invited to the role of Chair of the Province of Manitoba’s Accessibility for Manitobans Act, Information & Communications Standard Development Committee and being an invited member of the Microsoft Inclusive Workplace Customer Advisory Council. This allows her to collaborate with Microsoft to improve the accessibility of their products.

The tech community is very fortunate to have people like Lisa who is so passionate about branching digital accessibility to all!