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Strategically Engaged with Minnikin Resources Inc.

Digital Nova Scotia member, Minnikin Resources Inc. works primarily with boards and senior leadership teams to understand and address culture, engagement, social responsibility and technology. Minnikin Resources work with start-ups to establish the governance structures, processes and practices needed to be strong and flexible as they grow. They help established boards adopt a mature technology stance by providing them with education, training, evaluation, and succession planning.

Transforming Businesses

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategies are a critical component of success for boards and c-suites. Minnikin Resources helps leadership teams:

  • understand, oversee and influence organizational culture
  • engage workforce
  • understand, articulate and leverage ESG responsibility
  • evaluate, manage and moderate technology risk
  • develop and articulate strong strategies and plans
  • manage transformative change

Understanding Diverse Experiences

Working with a wide range of organizations such as Publicly traded, QUANGOs/ Crown Corps, Regulators, Heath Care, Not For Profits, Professional Associations and start-ups in Canada, the EU, the UK and Bermuda, Minnikin understands governance and technology from all of the different perspectives: founder, board member, investor, supplier, customer, and regulator. COVID-19 dramatically shifted their business. While travel restrictions shut some parts down entirely, others have accelerated. They continue to deliver value to their clients and partners.

COVID-19 hasn’t so much changed what we do as accelerated it. Companies were already starting to understand the importance of ESG and corporate culture. But the pace of adapting to this new reality has picked up considerably. We’re seeing many more organizations accepting ESG as an imperative. Boards are turning their attention to it and devoting resources to it, and we help them to structure and approach it strategically.

– Paula Minnikin, Partner and Principal at Minnikin Resources Inc.

Sparking Global Engagement

Minnikin has a joint venture with Spark Engagement. Offered in 8 countries, Spark Engagement is a world-leading employee engagement tool that reveals the true emotional landscape of the workplace. It doesn’t’ rely on people telling you what they feel or think, it shows you how things really are. They also provide confidential individual reports back to individuals so that they understand how their engagement at work is not just the organization’s responsibility but rather something they can control.

Digital Nova Scotia members can try Spark Engagement for FREE thanks to Minnikin Resources! Get a full, personalized report on your own engagement at work, including recommendations on what you can do, based on your own assessment to make your work-life more fulfilling. Follow the link below to take the quick 6-minute assessment and receive your results instantly.

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