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Take Your Business to New Heights with Skysail

Helping businesses take flight through building strong brands, and confidence in the people behind them. 

Skysail, an integrated design, and marketing agency has marketing and design services that any small to mid-size business would need. Based in Nova Scotia, they have the tools to help you discover and build your brand voice through logo design, web design, digital marketing, and more. Skysail takes a bird’s eye view to coordinate a unified brand strategy aligned with your life and vision. 

The team is made up of five full-time female employees, and a handful of super talented freelancers. Each employee has important and unique abilities, from brand design and strategy, graphic design, social media, and digital marketing management and website development. 

When Founder, Meg Craig, was looking for a name for the business, she wanted a name that was both a nod to the East Coast and an aspirational sentiment. When she came across the word Skysail, meaning the upper most sail on many masts, it felt like a great fit. 

With a philosophy to create stunning designs that convert quickly, Skysail has a clean, consistent and practical approach to their designs. By using tools that their clients can easily use after their work is complete, they give their clients the knowledge and power to drive their own brand. These clients can range from startups who need branding, government organizations that need web and graphic design support, and brick and mortar businesses that are transitioning to selling online. It is safe to say that Skysail works with many different types of clients. 

Consistency is our constant; when a brand has a consistent look and language it has a better chance of success.

– Meg Craig, Founder, Creative Director, and Business Coach of Skysail

 Despite having a beautiful office in Mahone Bay, when Covid hit, Skysail decided that working remotely would be the best option for everyone to be closer to family. To this day, they continue to work from home and have no plans of going back to the office. With employees located in Lunenburg County and Pictou County, working remotely has given them each more freedom to support their families, keep their mental health in focus, and gain more clients from out of province! 

Small businesses like Skysail are having a big impact. Learn a little more about them and consider giving them a call if you’re looking for digital marketing support.

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