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The Research Nova Scotia and VOLTA Student Research Data Challenge

How can we better connect researchers to the community?

Research Nova Scotia and Volta are seeking innovative ideas that provide a way to better connect researchers to the Nova Scotian community! Nova Scotia is home to many talented researchers whose expertise spans various fields and disciplines. Currently, there is no simple method to search for researchers specializing in any given subject in the province. They want to change that.

Today, it is relatively simple to search for researchers based on their published works (i.e. Google Scholar and/or ResearchGate). However, when there is no publication, or if a paper is published by a collaborator from an out-of-province university, it becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming to identify a researcher.

About The Challenge

Their vision is a solution that provides a way to better connect researchers to the people who want to access their findings, such as decision-makers, industry professionals, or entrepreneurs, in a way that reduces the burden on institutions, and helps promote Nova Scotia research to partners and potential investors.

Challenge participants are encouraged to engage with potential end-users or industry partners to conceptualize an intuitive, easy-to-maintain solution. Student Challenge participation is open to individual students, student teams, and classes in computer science and other relevant subject areas in post-secondary institutions across Nova Scotia. Undergraduate and graduate students from universities and colleges across Nova Scotia are invited to participate.

Research Nova Scotia is seeking an informative, easy-to-maintain solution, not a cumbersome database. If an organization, company, or government official is looking for an expert in a given field, they should be able to find one quickly. Ideally, the solution could live at, or link from,

How To Participate

Research teams will consist of one to four undergraduate or graduate students that will be expected to produce a written report and presentation.

To participate in the Student Research Challenge, you need to:

– Confirm your eligibility
– Identify a faculty advisor
– Submit an expression of interest by September 27, 2021

All participants must be full-time students (undergraduate or graduate), of computer science or other relevant programs, at a university in Nova Scotia or at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). Teams must also identify a faculty advisor from their institution to supervise their team throughout the duration of the challenge.

Applications for the Student Data Challenge will open September 13th, 2021.

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