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Vision33 – We Believe in the Promise of Technology

As the age of technology continues to accelerate forward, Vision33 shows the world how technology solutions and professional services can transform growing organizations. Founded on the simple principle that “We Believe in the Promise of Technology”, Vision33 has expanded beyond its Newfoundland roots, across Canada, the US and Europe, while still proudly maintaining offices in Atlantic Canada.

“My history with the company goes back to its earliest days and I was attracted to the leadership and the people that work here- many of them who still do, and since joined by many more exceptional talents in Atlantic Canada and beyond. We have more than 400 employees today.”

 Derek Sullivan, Vice President of Vision33 Atlantic

Vision33 is fuelled by a passion for Value, Growth, Transparency, Service, and Fun! These values underpin daily interactions with customers, partners, and fellow staff and as a team, Vision33’s success is measured by their ability to help customers succeed. That is what keeps them motivated and drives them to keep innovating and working hard. “Having been with the firm for many years, I experience the reality of this every day.” Says Derek, “That kind of approach is born somewhat from our work ethic and culture here in Atlantic Canada and it is how we like to do business, but honestly it resonates everywhere.”

It is safe to say that Vision33 has had tremendous success being one of Canada’s largest Sage Business Partners and having award-winning work with Enterprise Resource Planning software. But their success doesn’t stop there; they were also recognized as one of the top global partners in 2017. Sage Intacct, one of Vision33’s main products, has really taken off. It is a global cloud accounting service that first appeared in Canada roughly two years ago. The product is a game changer for financial teams and is ideal for a multitude of business types, particularly those looking to track subscription revenue.

“We love educating customers about the latest IT trends and issues. And ultimately, we know that customers get tremendous value from their interaction with us, because they tell us that all the time.”

Derek Sullivan

In addition to Sage Intacct, Vision33 is one of the largest global resellers of SAP Business One an SME ERP solution designed to maximize efficiency, reach new customers, and drive profitable growth. They also develop their own applications that are designed to extend the value of the systems they implement – most notably Saltbox and iDocuments. Saltbox is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution which integrates, unifies, and streamlines business operations, accelerating automation initiatives and increasing the ROI of technology investments.  iDocuments is a suite of applications that automate the approval cycles of common business transactions such as Sales Orders, Expenses and Purchasing.

The organization’s impact in Nova Scotia is tremendous, with many customers benefiting from their iSupport Managed IT service, allowing their team to interact with a variety of businesses. The iSupport Managed IT solution assists businesses in supporting their everyday IT demands as well as managing all their data backups and security. Vision33 attempts to reduce downtime and data loss by not only assisting their clients from the beginning, but also by establishing a joyful and collaborative environment to face obstacles.

The last year has been challenging for many people and organizations. Working through and adjusting your business during a pandemic is difficult and Vision33 understands this. “I would say the most exciting and rewarding thing about our work in recent times has been helping companies and organizations deal with their operations through a global pandemic.” Says Derek, “So much change has been thrust upon us as a society and many traditional companies have really started to embrace digital transformation to keep up with the pace of change.”

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