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Welcome to BizBeacon!

The last two years have accelerated the need for digital adoption among small businesses globally, and in true Nova Scotian fashion, we have come together to support one another through these challenges.

Today, we’re proud to officially announce the launch of BizBeacon, an online digital marketing resource hub, created in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Economic Development.

Built by local digital experts for local businesses, BizBeacon provides easy access to digital marketing learning resources and supports. The platform includes a calendar of ongoing live and virtual learning events, one-on-one consultations with digital experts, and a library of learning materials and tools. BizBeacon aims to help small businesses enhance their online presence, grow their business, and build their digital footprint, while connecting them with digital experts here in Nova Scotia. It’s an innovative project that gives our local digital community the opportunity to collaborate with small businesses across Nova Scotia to support the growth of our economy as a whole.

In the summer of 2020 through the Department of Economic Development’s relief and stimulus programs for small businesses, we received funding to create the Digital Assistance Program for Small Business (DAPSB). Through the program, we have successfully connected over 600 Nova Scotian small businesses with local digital service providers within their community. As an extension of the DAPSB program, BizBeacon will consist of a comprehensive array of support and resources to further address the digital needs of our province’s small businesses. This new valuable, engaging platform will provide users a blended range of self-help and professional assistance programs to enhance their digital presence to connect with and attract customers to their operations.

If you’re a small business, we encourage you to register today and begin exploring the resources, tools, and events available to you!

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However, if you’re a member of Digital Nova Scotia, digital expert or specialist in digital marketing, we’d love to hear from you! We are always open to adding to our network of local expert digital marketing professionals who provide web development, SEO, brand strategy and social media management support!

Consider reaching out if you are:

  • A digital marketing expert residing in Nova Scotia;
  • A digital content developer who has experience in creating blog posts, articles, infographics, worksheets, or checklists;
  • A speaker who loves presenting and leading workshops on brand strategy and digital marketing and;
  • A 1:1 coach who has experience with auditing, reporting, and recommending quick fixes on business’ digital presence.
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