Welcome to the team, Rob!

At Digital Nova Scotia, we’ve added a new member to our team!

Meet Rob, our new Director of Operations. With an MBA from Saint Mary’s University, Rob has a background in finance, economics, and project management. Having worked in the telecommunications sector for several years, Rob has a broad range of experience related to product design and launch, strategic planning, and financial and market analysis. A seasoned project manager, he values respectful communication and out-of-the-box thinking as part of his leadership style. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Rob is interested in exploring all the exciting ways that the digital sector can positively impact the province and the individuals who live and work here. In his spare time, Rob can usually be found exploring the woods with his dog or reading a good book.

We asked Rob a couple of questions to help you get to know him a little better:

The tech sector in Nova Scotia is thriving, what are you most looking forward to about working in this industry? 

I look forward to working with and learning about all of the interesting tech companies currently operating in NS. With the continued growth in the sector there is so much potential for creating new ventures and relationships.

So, you’ve had one day with us so far – how was it?
So far, so good! Lots to learn and dig into, great team of people to get to know.

What’s something you’re really interested in that might surprise us?
I love learning about naval history and in general am a history fanatic.

If you were given a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be?
Tough question! I’d have to say Scotland because my roots are Scottish and I love the different landscapes there.

Quick hitters!
Spring or Fall? Fall
Android or iPhone? Android
Comedy or Thriller? Action
Coffee or Tea? Both or either
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars
Laptop or Desktop? Desktop
Breakfast or Dinner? Breakfast
Ocean or Lake? Nothing beats the ocean!

Thanks, Rob! And if you’re looking to get to know Rob a little better, drop him a note or connect on LinkedIn anytime!