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Zero Trust: Building Your Security Mesh With All Star Players


Being intelligent with identity is crucial to any security or IT project. Our webinar series is designed to look at identities in relation to the market hot topics, and provide you, with clear takeaways on what you need to do now. As envisioned by NIST (SP 800-207), Zero Trust security models eliminate persistent trust and enforce continuous authentication, least privilege, and adaptive access control. This strategy also applies segmentation and micro-segmentation for secure access. A zero-trust approach is about constant visibility into who is doing what on your network. This ensures maximum control over network security and network access. One thing analysts, enterprises, and customers alike can agree on is that the journey to Zero Trust must start with Identity and Privilege. But choosing the right technologies to incorporate into your security mesh can feel a little like choosing a team to play a baseball game without anyone playing together before. You have a finite amount of members you can have on your team and you want the best person for each position, but without practice you have no idea who that is. So how do you choose your winning team? Much like baseball, you’d choose your team based on […]