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Check Point Infinity – Defining the modern cyber security architecture (AMER)


About this talk How to secure your organization’s infrastructure and data in the most efficient way and at the lowest cost? Recent global market conditions and trends in information security underscore the importance of organizations employing a consolidation strategy. Security practitioners can reduce the complexity of their organizations’ security infrastructure simply by consolidating the number of vendors’ solutions they employ. In the process, security efficiency and the overall threat prevention profile of their organization will be improved. Adopting an active threat prevention approach enables organizations to block attacks before they can cause damage to their systems. With the increase in the sophistication of attacks, volume, and speed, relying on detection-only technology and human remediation can be disastrous. For security teams to react in real-time to prevent cyberattacks and minimize the damage to their organization; a single view of the entire environment is needed to improve visibility and control. Only a centrally managed security infrastructure eliminates visibility silos and helps improve defenses. During this webinar, case studies and strategies will be presented to demonstrate how to enforce threat prevention and optimize your security footprint.