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Talking to More Than One Market? There’s a Strategy for That


When you have more than one target market, do you need more than one marketing strategy? Of course, you do! About this event   Join me, Linda Daley, for a chat with voice actor Natasha Marchewka, who successfully markets to two different types of clients. Find out how her strategies have evolved over time. Learn how she’s been able to use segmenting to keep all of her contacts happy. In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll cover: Why you need a different marketing strategy for each of your target markets How to develop and deliver content for each market without confusing anyone Ideas, tips and advice for engaging with your different markets The most important task to undertake to be able to market to mulitple audiences While Natasha and I are almost as far apart as you can be and still be in North America - she in California and me in Nova Scotia - we’ve worked together for several years. Please note this session will be recorded. Linda and/or Natasha may use this video as a replay on their site for content purposes. About Natasha Marchewka: With more than a decade in voice-over, two decades in performance, and three decades in customer service, Natasha […]

Social Media Day Halifax 2022

Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre Halifax 190 Chain Lake Dr, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Social Media Day Halifax is a one-day conference coinciding with Social Media Day events held worldwide during June. We are proud to focus on the success of Atlantic Canadian businesses by bringing local experts together to share strategies that have worked for them, right here in Atlantic Canada. What Can You Expect? Maybe you need to do EVERYTHING... Understand how posting on social media supports your business goals Figure out how to get your posts seen by more potential customers Learn strong posting tactics for Facebook / Instagram / Twitter and more Start brand storytelling and video marketing Get advertising on Facebook, finally! Build your stalled email list Understand how to collaborate with your biggest supporters online Embrace recent changes and trends in social media marketing Get inspired to develop a new strategy!