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Content Strategy: One Size Does NOT Fit All


About this event When organizations think about their content strategy they revert to best practices, which tell you to blog, email, have a presence on all social platforms (including having a TikTok account), podcast, have a YouTube channel, etc. We're here to tell you that this "strategy" probably isn't working for you and that there is a better way of thinking about what content you should be putting out into the world and where. Every company is different, which means your content strategy should also be different. Halifax HUG is excited to welcome Christina Bockisch (former Inbound Consultant at HubSpot) as she dives into content strategy and the differences between right and wrong, best practices and myths. So be sure to register your spot today, you won’t want to miss this! Registration Instructions: To register for this event you will either need to sign in via your HubSpot portal or sign up for a Bevy account. Speaker Christina Bockisch Christina Bockisch is a former Inbound Consultant at HubSpot. she worked with businesses to deliver strategic consulting on marketing, sales, and customer service while helping her customers become power users of HubSpot. Prior to her former position at HubSpot, Christina spent […]