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Niche Down, Cash Up


FREE Masterclass Reveals How to Use the “D.R.T.” Method to Finally Break Free of Overwhelm… Reclaim Your Time… and Scale Like a Boss. This simple 3-step process helps you create a rock-solid niche, where you’ll increase sales, get more qualified leads, and grow revenue... without overwork or overwhelm! In Niche Down Cash Up you’ll discover... The #1 lie taught to women by universities, mentors, and gurus keeping them trapped in an endless cycle of hustling for less money, less time, and less freedom… and how to break free of the grind with one simple change in the way you do business. Working harder than everyone else is the only way to be successful in business, right? WRONG! In fact, this way of thinking will sabotage your business success and lead to burnout. Join the masterclass to find out what you should do instead. Why women often get trapped in an endless cycle of overwork and overwhelm… and the three-step D.R.T. process you MUST follow to get clear… get focused… and get paid. How to cash in while spending MORE time with your family. Eleanor reveals how she cut her client hours 67% while earning more than ever before – and […]

Scale Without Sacrifice: How to Unshackle Yourself from Sanity-sucking Algorithms, Fruitless Fads, and Over-hyped Social Media “Gurus”


This Free Webinar Is for You If... You’ve invested in complicated launches that flopped ... and you’re not sure exactly how to tweak them for success. You’ve regretted handing over your power to Facebook Ad agencies and other “experts” who force you into campaigns that don’t fit your brand …or deliver results. You’ve already spent significant time, money, and energy on branding deep dives designed to clarify your niche... yet you still stumble to define your business’ magic. You’ve ignored your gut and followed the latest hacks, fads, and cringe-worthy viral trends...right down a road to nowhere. You’re a seasoned entrepreneur who doesn’t fit into group programs geared to newbies. Not your first rodeo? Then this is definitely for you. In just 90 minutes, you’ll discover: The secret to defying all the algorithms, all the time. (Hint: it doesn’t even have to do with marketing!) How to bulletproof your ad campaigns. Become immune to finicky platforms, shifting trends, and changing business models. The “hidden in plain sight” scaling opportunity you’re probably missing. Overlooking this is the #1 mistake I see even the most savvy women make! How to harness the timeless power of “bottom-up” growth …so you NEVER have to […]