Digital Assistance Program for Small Business

To submit a bid for the Request for Services that was emailed to you, please fill out the form below. The opportunity to submit a bid is open for 7 days after the email sent by Digital Nova Scotia (DNS). Immediately after the submission deadline, we will provide the Small Business with the qualified submissions, and they will choose who they feel best aligns with their specific requirements. If the Small Business chooses to work with your company, we will contact you and complete the final steps in the matching process.


Please note:

  • In Response to

    Please pull these details from the Request for Service (RFS) that you received from Digital Nova Scotia.
  • Your Company Details

  • Please provide a quick overview of your company with details such as: your expertise, types of projects you typically work on, experience working with small businesses, your story, etc.
  • Your Response to the RFS

    Please provide an overview of the services that you are able to provide & the strategy you plan to implement in response to the digital challenges identified in the RFS.
  • Breakdown of Services

    Please break out every service that you are offering in response to this RFS, one by one. This includes a description, estimated timeline, and cost. Depending on the RFS, the number of services will vary & is up to the DSPs discretion. If you require fields for more than 4 services, please email
  • Inclusive of HST
  • Inclusive of HST
  • Inclusive of HST
  • Inclusive of HST
  • $5,000 maximum, inclusive of HST.
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Important Note:

    Upon successfully submitting your form, you will see a confirmation message on this screen and receive an email copy of your submission. If you do not see or receive these items, please review your application for any missing required fields. If the issue persists, you can contact us at and we'd be happy to help! Thank you.