Aaron MacIntosh
5579A Morris Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 1C1
(902) 599-1236

• Will have completed 5 of 8 academic terms in April 2021.
• Available for a third co-op work term in January 2022.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering – Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
September 2018 – April 2023

Personable, mature and able to think well under pressure, can thrive in any work environment and can work well individually or with others. Furthermore, I am a skilled problem solver with abilities that are applicable in many areas as demonstrated by the work variety of past jobs. Known to see tasks through to the end no matter the personal commitment.
• Computer Aided Design: Skilled in creating models using SolidWorks CAD software from design schematic or physical prototype.
• Coding and Programming: Ability to program basic electronics using C/C++ languages. Experience modelling systems using MATLAB software. Possession of transferable skills to other languages.
• Microsoft Office Suite: Expertise with Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio.
• Time Management and Prioritization: Able to prioritize workload from 6 engineering courses each semester while maintaining well above average marks and never missing assignment deadlines.
• Organization: Detailed note taker and ability to schedule using physical and digital calendars. Self-driven to create a personal schedule for current online courses.
• Cooperation: Ability to work with a team shown through excellent grades on previous design projects and experience with team sports.

Lockheed Martin Canada – Systems Engineer Co-op – Canadian Surface Combatant Project – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
September 2020-January 2021

• Managed engineering tasks for my team using Redmine software enabling actions to be tracked, updated and completed before the specified due date. This required daily communication with coworkers to inform my team lead of the current status on everyone’s work/what they were doing.
• Attended daily Skype meetings to take official minutes which included updating action items assigned to other teams and subcontractor companies by questioning them during the meeting. Minutes were subsequently circulated to all attendees for future reference.
• Modelled ship equipment in Solidworks CAD software using vendor furnished engineering drawings and photos which lightened the workload on my coworkers significantly.
• Created an HTML wiki database to allow for easy consolidation of information across different teams. This involved communication with IT admins to assure the site was free of confidential documents and up to organizational standards.
• Updated sub-level CSC project requirements using DOORS software allowing for greater detail on certain entries.
• Received company training regarding the use of CAMEO system modelling software and a multitude of workplace ethics and behavior compliance courses.

Department of National Defence – Engineering Student – Canadian Surface Combatant Project – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

May-September 2021

• Produced a report on how to become “smart customers” in terms of DND’s relationships with shipbuilding contractors/integrators like Irving and Lockheed Martin.
• Attended quality assurance meetings taking notes to circulate to the rest of my team.
• Completed an 8 week course on Systems Engineering which solidified the basics of requirements derivation and the different reviews throughout the entire process.
• Gained experience working in an office environment and interacting with professionals in my field and others.

Michelin – Machine Operator/Loader, Waterville, Nova Scotia Plant CA3

May-September 2019
• Operated large tire building machines allowing for full time employees to take their summer vacations.
• Worked 12-hour shifts, days and nights including overtime resulting in enough money for a year of University.
• Met personal tire production of about 150/day. Summer students increased overall tire production while giving regular employees the chance to take time off.
• Participated in weekly meetings discussing shop performance, machine adjustments/preventative maintenance schedules and feedback from other parts of the factory on our output. This effort led to improved product quality and factory safety

● Participated in a small high school team (2018) responsible for the construction and launch of a high-altitude weather balloon capable of recording data such as wind speed and external temperature to be analyzed. Successful launch and recovery within budget after the 6-month project.
● Played several high school sports, including competitive hockey for 3 years which involved significant time and physical commitment.
● Participated in team sport intramurals at Dalhousie along with my studies, improving communication skills.
● Completed up to 8th grade Royal Conservatory piano, teaching organization and time management from a young age.
Design I: Dice Delivery Cart – Term 1 (September-December 2018)

• As a team of 4, designed and constructed a cart to deliver/eject dice after driving a specific distance. A higher roll resulted in more points. The cart had to be either mouse trap or elastic powered.
• Personally, gained skills in using common woodshop machinery such as a drill press, band saw and belt sander to allow precision cuts to be made and our cart to function properly.
• Improved personal public speaking abilities as a result of our final design presentation in front of peers.

Circuits I: Arduino Multimeter – Term 3 (September-December 2019)

• Tasked with individually programming and wiring an Arduino Nano to function as both a resistance and capacitance meter using only 1 set of input terminals.
• Acquired further skills in using the Arduino coding language (C/C++) which resulted in a solid grade on the project.
• Enhanced my understanding of electrical components and how they integrate with the logical/coding portion of the project.

Design II: Replica Wind Turbine Rotor-Removing Crane – Term 4 (January-April 2020)

• In teams of 4, assigned with the construction of a crane using provided parts to lift and attach a small wind turbine rotor to its base. Extra points were to be assigned for its removal.
• Gained further experience using woodshop machines from first year while cutting, drilling and sanding parts for our crane.
• Acquired experience with 3D printing while designing specialty parts such as a claw to fit around the turbine rotor.
• Further improved public speaking skills from our selected design presentation while under time constraints for this presentation.