A database analyst with over 9 years of experience building Oracle databases in Windows and Unix/Linux platforms

·Involved in implementing data models and developing server-side programs (stored procedures and web services) for enterprise transaction processing applications

·With banking sector exposure automating and testing ETL pipelines for AML platforms and financial data marts to enable data mining, conventional reporting, data visualization, and business intelligence

·Expert in designing and executing data migrations to support business transformation or digitalization in various industries such as telecommunications and insurance

·Advanced knowledge in SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Shell Scripting, Toad, SQL Developer, SQL Plus, SQL Loader, Control M Scheduler, JAMS Scheduler, Oracle Database 11g/12c/19c, Waterfall Methodology

·Intermediate knowledge in Batch Scripting, Java, Spring, Web Services (SOAP/REST), XML, JSON, Eclipse, JBoss, WebLogic, OBIEE, QlikView, ClearCase/ClearQuest, Rational Team Concert, Aldon, Remedy, JIRA, SoapUI, JMeter, Git, Jenkins, FTP/SFTP, Putty, WinSCP, MS Office, MS Visio, Agile Methodology

·Interested in NoSQL databases, data engineering, machine learning, cloud computing (AWS, GCP, or Azure), Python, Spark, Kafka, Airflow, and other technologies related to big data analytics


University of the East - Manila, Philippines

Jun 2007 - Apr 2011 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Magna Cum Laude


NCS Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Jun 2021 - Present Application Engineer

•Presently executes data migration to support the turnover of business operations from three private insurers to the client, Central Provident Fund Board Singapore
•Managed implementations according to the solution architecture with support from senior architects, database administrators, and the DevOps team
•Executed several rounds of mock and trial migrations and verified logs and various reports to ensure results have met general and specific customer demands
•Conducted capacity planning and executed load and performance tests to ensure the production environment can handle live data volume
•Evaluated and refined the data migration scripts to minimize the performance impact in the production environment on the actual data migration
•Optimized existing resource-intensive and long-running reports developed by the associates in the application team to deliver the project service-level agreement

Dezire Technologies Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Jan 2020 - Jun 2021 Senior Software Developer

•Provided technical expertise to the client, NCS Pte Ltd Singapore, as a consultant to help them deliver their client’s cloud migration project
•Proposed and designed the data migration strategy to align with the project timeline and service-level agreement
•Participated in data profiling and discovery sessions with multiple stakeholders to sort out and gather user requirements
•Analyzed and translated requirements into design documents such as data mappings, data models, and report design templates to serve as the team’s development guide
•Supervised colleagues through task delegation and driven software development, testing, and deployment activities as the team’s technical lead
•Developed a staging database with numerous tables, indexes, and scripts (packages, procedures, and functions) to validate, cleanse, and transform millions of source data
•Automated data migration pipelines for multiple sources and configured hundreds of batch jobs for seamless operationalization
•Developed thousands of test cases and executed unit and integration tests to debug and check scripts functionality
•Resolved errors during user acceptance testing through close collaboration with the business owners to guarantee data quality and confirm the accuracy of results

Infogain Solutions Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Jan 2017 - Jan 2020 Senior Software Engineer

•Supported the finance department of the client, United Overseas Bank Ltd Singapore, on its projects, change requests, and BAU activities to empower them in providing their deliverables and meeting task deadlines
•Gathered requirements during meetings with end-users and conveyed them into functional specifications, data mappings, and job flow diagrams to comply with the bank’s audit requirements
•Enhanced and maintained the staging area and reporting schema of several data marts, with thousands of objects and millions of data, to augment the department’s self-service reporting and data visualization tools in providing business intelligence capabilities to data analysts
•Developed and automated ETL pipelines that perform reconciliation among multiple source data to ensure the accuracy and validity of the various financial transactions accounted for within the bank
•Executed unit, integration, and user acceptance tests and documented results for every project and change request initiated by the business owners to guarantee software quality and reliability
•Managed deployments and raised RFCs (Request for Change) to prepare for and implement monthly and quarterly code releases
•Resolved errors and applied fixes on the production issues escalated by the production support team to ensure system availability for users

Indra Philippines, Inc (Makati, Philippines)

Jun 2015 - Dec 2015 PL/SQL Developer

•Maintained the project and portfolio management platform of the client, Manila Electric Company, to help users efficiently manage the firm’s services, people, and finances
•Attended meetings and conducted further alignment sessions with the client to clarify and collect business requirements
•Visualized and interpreted requirements into report layout and dashboard design templates to help accomplish user expectations
•Designed and implemented system dashboards to display simplified views of KPIs for straightforward analysis allowing the firm to make better business decisions
•Tracked system changes and documented results of unit and integration tests to adhere to software development best practices
•Tuned slow-loading dashboards and long-running reports to improve system performance and give portfolio managers a better user experience
•Resolved technical issues immediately and planned for production releases after office hours to minimize the impact on end-users

D L Resources Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Sep 2014 - Apr 2015 Analyst Programmer

•Supported the roll-out of AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies for the client, United Overseas Bank Ltd Singapore, to stay on top of compliance obligations with the country’s financial regulator
•Designed and developed ETL pipelines for a staging database integrating with a commercial AML platform to fully establish the regulatory requirements for transaction monitoring and customer due diligence
•Automated batch jobs to handle ad hoc and periodic system workloads such as application restart, database backup, table reorganization, index rebuild, and others
•Executed multiple rounds of SIT and UAT together with end-users to refine any design issues and then check data quality and program functionality
•Simulated several trials in the mock run environment to ensure the AML platform’s accuracy in risk scoring and fraud detection
•Documented test results, managed implementations, and then provided support during off-peak deployments to deliver the project service-level agreement

Smart Communications, Inc (Philippines)

Jun 2011 - Sep 2014 Software Development Analyst

•Contributed to the successful delivery of various network modernization projects and BAU activities at the company
•Engaged in meetings with several stakeholders and attended sessions with multiple vendors to collect and record business requirements
•Analyzed and conveyed requirements into database designs, interface specifications, and data mappings for easier application maintenance and knowledge transfer
•Developed, tested, and executed data migration scripts to help decommission legacy systems and operate through the company’s latest digital platforms
•Developed, integrated, and implemented web services or APIs to comply with the company’s technology roadmap on service-oriented architecture
•Supervised teammates through task delegation, code review, and coaching as team lead to help them develop personal capabilities and professional skills
•Trained with Oracle University and its authorized education partners learning new technologies and adopting new tools to maximize performance and quickly contribute to the company
•Attended and participated in meetings to provide high-level impact assessments on the platforms handled by the team and relay mandays required for project effort
•Configured, tested, and deployed parameters and programs in an intelligent registration platform to offer voice and messaging service promotions to subscribers
•Enhanced and maintained a centralized subscriber service profile database which enables various platforms to keep track of all the services availed by subscribers
•Developed, tested, and integrated an in-house applications routing platform with most of the systems within the company to help the business operate with coexisting charging systems while in the middle of their digital transformation journey
•Assisted testers in all the testing phases such as integration, user acceptance, regression, and post-release testing to debug scripts, check functionality, and guarantee program reliability
•Supported database administrators, system integrators, and operators during off-peak implementations to ensure timely resolutions on any issues encountered