 Java and Kotlin
 Jetpack Components
 MVP and MVVM
 SQLite, Room and
Couchbase DB
 SVN and GIT
 Android Studio
 Android SDK
 Agile and Scrum
 Cordova
 Debugging and analysis
 Strong communication
 App publishing on Google


 Installed and configured software applications and tested solutions
for functionality.
 Commenced to practice developing application using Kotlin as a first
 Implemented various part of a code structure using Kotlin, Android
X, and Jetpack components like MVVM, Coroutines, LiveData,
ViewModel, Room, Navigation architecture, Hilt for dependency
Injection and Rest API
 Was introduced to Agile and Scrum methodologies for development
process utilizing JIRA as a tool service.
 Utilized Jenkins’ as a tool for CI/CD.
 Responsible to write unit test cases with the help of various testing
libraries available for Android. (JUnit, Roboelectic and Mockito)
 Check and perform UI testing using Espresso as a library.
 Responsible for delivering training sessions on Kotlin as well as
several Jetpack components.
 Got aware about communication to and from various hardware
devices like printers, scanners, and card readers.
 Developed peer-to-peer communication between edge devices
Using Network Service Discovery.
 Mentored junior developers on one of the projects.

 Exhibited strong technical aptitude and application expertise
resulting in optimized performance, continuous improvement
recommendations and product innovation.
 Worked with customers for needs analysis, proposal development
and vendor costs to produce competitive estimates.
 Worked closely with software development and testing team
members to design and develop robust application solutions to meet
client requirements for functionality, scalability and performance.
 Accountable to manage the entire lifecycle of numerous android
 Evolved skills such as problem-solving, debugging, and complexity
 Worked on Android SDK along with design architecture patterns like
 Handling client requirements, app design, development and
 Working with several version control systems such as SVN and GIT.


Gujarat Technological University

2013-2017 Bachelor of Engineering


Paul Mason Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

2019-Present Software Engineer - Android Developer

Cygnet Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

2017-2019 Software Engineer - Android Developer