With 7+ years of experience in the job market, I have always worked in the area of Technology and Games. In order to realize my dreams and achieve my goals,

I’m always willing to learn new things and have passion for what I do, Always focusing on doing my work with quality and excellence.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Universidade Campo Limpo Paulista – UNIFACCAMP and a Specialization in development of games by School of Art, Games and Animation – SAGA.

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SAGA - School of Art Game and Animation

2015 / 2017 Specialization in Game Development

Specialization in Game Development; Autodesk Certification in Maya; Unreal Engine Certification
Complete development of a game for delivery by the end of the course, distributing the activities among team members; Saga Talent: School internal competition in order to show the work of the students.

• Production and game development (from the Concept Art to Programming);
• Modeling and 3D animation;
• Creation of characters in mass clay and digitally;
• Movements Study of characters and scenarios;
• Setup and Rigging character, use software such as Unreal Engine and Autodesk Maya;
• BluePrint Programming Techniques for gameplay and mechanics of a game in the Unreal Engine;
• Expertise with international certificate training for creation, production and game development.

FACCAMP Faculdade Campo Limpo Paulista

2014 /2018 Bachelor of Computer Science

• Computer Programming – Specific Applications;
• Hardware and Software;
• Mathematics – Algebra (Set Theory, facing Database); Differential and Integral Calculation, Numeric Calculation, Statistics and Probability;
• Logic and Computer Programming (Algorithms and C language and Java);
• Digital Systems;
• Computer Architecture;
• Human-Computer Interaction;
• Graph Theory;
• Electricity and Electronics.


Itaú Unibanco

Octuber 2018 / Actual Job Software Engineer

Responsible for analysis of legacy systems and new, understanding the rules of business, financial and banking rules, making the conclusion of necessary documents for the development to the implementation of the software for mobiles sites and applications.

Enhanced technical expertise in legacy systems such as the use of Mainframe (COBOL) and new languages such as JAVA, .NET, Kafka, Cloud. Participated in the development of the times of change of use of waterfall methodology for Agile (scrum).

• Employed by Itaú Unibanco and assigned as IT Engineer. Working in analysis of legacy systems and new, looking for the modernization of new technologies of the company.
• Using tools like SQL Server, Java, Docker, Rest API, COBOL, ASP.NET, C #, Microsoft Tools and Scrum.
• Business Documentation.


July 2017 /September 2018 Associate Software Engineer

Reporting to the SR. Systems Analyst participated in the continuous improvement of Web and Desktop systems developed in .NET platform, Java and SQL Server database.

Participating in the development of understanding of applications and interaction with stakeholders in gathering requirements for preparation of functional and technical documents.

Continuous integration was held with teams of DevOps and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) to manage the various phases of software development and ensure the quality of the same, through versioning and tracking applications lifecycle through the TFS (Team Foudation Server).

Assisted the client in your fitness using SCRUM as a work framework.

• Employed by Avanade Brasil and assigned as Software Developer to a large life insurance company from Brazil to Qualicorp. Acting on improvements, corrections and software creations for the internal areas of the company.
• Using the development tools SQL Server, HTML, Framework 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, Java Script, Java, Jcompany, ASP.NET, C #, Microsoft Tools (TFS, Visual Studio 2010/2013/2017) and Scrum.
• Business Documentation.

Grupo Viceri

April 2015 / May 2016 Analyst Programmer .NET

• Developer Software for MAPFRE, working with the tools SQL Server, HTML, Framework 2.0, Java Script, ASP.NET, C#, TFS 2015 and Scrum.

AnferTech Soluções em Automação Comercial

January 2013 /February 2015 Computer Technician

• Implementation of systems and direct customer training. Planning improvements to support;
• Service Desk;
• Maintenance of computers (setting up new stations, peripheral equipment and softwares);
• Technical Training: EPSON;
• Planning of improvements to support;
• Application of scripts for fixing Bugs in the system;
• Specialization in Fiscal Printers. (Bematech, Daruma, EPSON).

CIJUN - Companhia de Informática de Jundiaí

January 2012 / December 2012 IT Inter

• Municipal Government of Jundiaí – CIJUN Internship
• Database creation; Training and Support.
• Service Desk.
• Maintenance of computers (setting up new stations, peripheral equipment and softwares).