Parth Desai

Halifax, Nova-Scotia  (Open to relocate) • 819-319-7462 •

Education: Diploma in Computer Programming (September 2017 – January 2020)


Programmer/Analyst & Tester

Hands-on technology professional accustomed to working in complex, project-based environments. Multifaceted experience in software testing and development. Highly adept in systems analysis diagnostics and troubleshooting and conflict resolution. Exhibits excellent organizational and problem-solving skills. Works well in team environments and displays strong work ethic.
Web Development / Databases / Project Management / Networking / SharePoint / Scripting

Teamwork / Leadership / Mentorship / Time Management / Testing / Test Plans

Technical Proficiencies
Windows, Microsoft Office Suite, Linux, Virtual Machine, MS Project, Visual Studio, MacOS
Cisco Packet Tracer, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle Data Modeler, MS Access, jQuery, SVN, GitHub, JIRA, Outlook, Confluence,Postman.
C, C++, Java, JavaScript, React, AngularJS, Android, HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, AJAX, Python, ASP.NET


IT Security Analyst (1/2019 – 8/2019)                                    EWA Canada An Intertek Company, Ottawa

The usage, maintenance, and creation of tools used to evaluate IT products possibly including Internet of Things (IOT) products, payment terminals, web and mobile applications, etc. Identify and adapt new test methods, as needed Develop documented methodologies for consistent application of the tools. Configure and deploy tools for testing Qualifications. Repository gathering and testing using Kali Linux on MacOS. Setting up raspberry pie and coding in C and C++ for sender and receiver on Arduino chip and capturing and decoding Lora signal using Wireshark. Manual testing for web application and creating documents for test cases and test plans. Setup the environment to deploy application using Linux platform.

IT Support / helpdesk Analyst (8/2019 – 03/2020)                Algonquin College, Ottawa

Regularly communicate with new employees or students by phone, or in person, to help them resolve their technical issues in a friendly and approachable manner. Setting up computers for new employees and help them with basic tasks such as setting up printers and connecting to SaaS applications such as OneDrive, SharePoint, etc. Occasionally, running data cables, and other such physical networking. Resolves basic technical issues via telephone or written correspondence via email or other electronic media while working with the Service Desk ticketing system and active directory for user access.  Works collaboratively with teammates and other technical support teams.



current positions
Upwork Freelancing (July 2021- )                                                 Remote Part-time

Bug fixing and developing certain functions for pre developed website as per client requirements using JavaScript, Node, HTML and DOM events. For the API calling using Ajax, Axios and fetch API, Working with the tools like postman, terminal and visual-studio.


Supervisor (May 2020 –)                                                               Heartwood (Part-time), Halifax, NS

Created Perform store opening/closing/reporting duties appropriate for shift being handled. Check staff punctuality and monitor staff performance. Follows standards for merchandising, stocking, rotating and storing products. Perform the same duties as workers supervised.

Certification and Udemy courses

Certification of C and C++ (March 2017 – June 2017)                     Prakshal IT Academy (Gujarat, India.)

Web Development Boot Camp (April  2020 – July 2020)                  Udemy

React-Boot Camp (August 2021 – pursuing)                                      Udemy


Client base Project in a Team (Level 4)

Developed Dating website (LGBTQ+ Matches)                                    Algonquin College

With the team we developed dating site which includes several functions like create a profile,

Messaging bar, Search bar, Admin access Data base inserting of user profile and password,

Membership-option which gives access to the more advanced features about to save data and find

matches. (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress platform).


Card Game Project (Level 3)                                                                  Algonquin College

Completed complex assignment involving a new card game. When a player runs out of cards during a war, their last card remains face up as the card in play until the war ends. Utilized experience with Encapsulation, Inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Collections, List, Array List, Arrays, Interfaces, Java API, Enumerations, Packages, Third-Party Libraries (JAR Files), Javadoc, UML, Recursion, and Control structures.

Professional Development

Student Leader at Algonquin College, providing support for events held at the college for international students. Experience with leading groups of people and managing time effectively while gaining knowledge on coordinating with individuals and ensuring they feel welcomed and important.

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Algonquin College

2017/2020 Diploma in Computer Programming